Just Desserts 小小的甜点,大大的梦想

June 26, 2019 2019年6月26日

What would it be like to live in a world where everything is made of desserts?

Step into the imagination of Hong Kong artist Thomas Napoleon and you might find an answer. His series, A Life of Sweets, depicts a universe filled with whimsical happenings, delectable confections, and pocket-sized characters with distinctive eyebrows and pleasured expressions. From swimming through syrup atop a piece of french toast to scaling scaffolding made of chocolate Pocky sticks, Napoleon’s signature characters lead lives that revolve around an assortment of delicious desserts.


踏进香港插画师托马斯·拿破仑(Thomas Napoleon) 奇想世界,你可能就知道答案。他为我们建构了一个充满甜蜜的趣味梦幻世界,并以“生活中一点甜”来命名。跟随他笔下有着标志性粗眉、带有微妙陶醉表情的迷你小人物,去体验在法式吐司上的糖浆里游泳,到踩着 Pocky 巧克力棒搭成的脚手架上绘制户外广告。在这个城市里生活的人们,和各种甜品融为一体。

Since starting the series, Napoleon has found himself fixated by the details of every dessert he sees. He’ll immediately think about how it’d look within a scene. From there, he thinks about how he can elevate it into something more playful and charming. Once inspiration strikes, he’ll quickly begin sketching.

He admits that his nitpicking tendencies can be a drawback at times though. “I like making changes a little too much, so it takes me quite a long time to finish a drawing,” he says. For Napoleon, deciding on color, texture, and composition are matters of careful deliberation that require multiple revisits—only after this painstaking process will he feel like he has something that’s ready to be shown.



Napoleon has created well over a hundred illustrations for the series so far, but his favorite is still the one that kickstarted the whole project, Pancake Restaurant. “Every day, my way to school, I’d pass by a shop selling pancakes,” he recalls. “For tired individuals who walked by in the morning, these smells were comforting. So, I thought, if there was a place that was entirely made of pancakes, then people there can feel relaxed and happy all the time!”

He laughs at the memory of this early inspiration, and ultimately, this is exactly what Napo’s work is all about, bringing laughter and joy. Through his art, he wants to remind people that even when you’re stressed or in a bad mood, life can still be sweet.



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