Neocha x VSCO Preset

January 26, 2017 2017年1月26日
Photographer: Leon Yan

In keeping with our longstanding mission of providing a voice for the burgeoning, yet often times overlooked, creative class of Asia and celebrating the region’s rich history and culture, we’re proud to announce that Neocha has partnered with VSCO to release a limited-edition Neocha (NC) x VSCO Preset for the Lunar New Year.

在日新月异的今天,为时常被忽视的亚洲创意圈及其所涉猎区域的丰富历史文化发声一直是我们的持续不懈的夙愿。在此,我们自豪地宣布,Neocha与VSCO倾力合作为迎接中国农历新年的到来推出了一款Neocha (NC) x VSCO特制滤镜系列。

Designed to produce dynamic and memorable images that bring to life the untold stories of Asia, the Neocha preset introduces a subtle warmth into photos and enhances the vibrancy of reds, oranges, and yellows.


Photographer: David Yen
Photographer: Whitney Ng
Photographer: Adam J. Schokora

As part of the preset launch, we collaborated with some of our favorite photographers around Asia to showcase the versatile capabilities of this new collaborative preset. From candid street snaps in Seoul to casual hikes through Indonesia, the Neocha preset is an easy way to enhance images for photography enthusiasts of all calibers and is suitable for a wide range of scenarios. NC embodies the enduring commitment of Neocha’s partnership with VSCO in celebrating culture and creativity in Asia. It’s available now for free and can be downloaded from the VSCO in-app store.

作为上线前的预热,我们与一些自己喜爱的亚洲摄影师们合作,以他们丰富的创意为大家展现了这款特制滤镜的更多可能性。从首尔的随性街拍到印尼的休闲徒步,Neocha滤镜系列为摄影爱好者们提供了一种更为简单明了的方式来修饰大场景画面。NC的推出象征着Neocha与VSCO共同合作并致力于为亚洲创意文化发声的长久许诺。该系列现可在VSCO app中免费下载。

Photographer: Kimi Juan
Photographer: Yik Keat Lee
Photographer: Elaine Li
Photographer: Takayashi Yasui
Photographer: Chanipol Kusolcharttum
Photographer: Ken Lee