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June 29, 2017 2017年6月29日

Leungmo is a Hong Kong-based photographer and art director whose works can be characterized by the use of bold, contrasting colors and playful props – this stems from her ongoing fascination with vintage toys. Many of the dolls and props that appear in her photos are actually even listed for sale on littlebuttkid, her online store. Leungmo’s interest with cute toys can be traced back to her childhood when she received her first camera – a Hello Kitty film camera that her parents gifted her. But, at the time, Leungmo only wore it around her neck as an accessory. Her true initiation into the world of photography began in middle school. Inspired by the phrase “Don’t think, just shoot,” she began taking photos of anything and everything. Shower heads, windows, roads, and rocks – nothing was off limits for Leungmo as she developed into the talented photographer that she is today. We recently caught up with Leungmo and tried to catch her off guard with a rapid-fire round of twenty questions. Check out the interview below.

Leungmo是来自香港的女性摄影师及艺术指导。在她的作品中你常能见到大胆的色彩碰撞及童趣的场景。摄影之外,颇具童心的Leungmo还情迷于收藏旧玩具。这些玩偶不仅出现在她的相片中,现在也在她的玩具商店littebuttkid中出售。说起和摄影的关系,Leungmo的第一部相机是一部Hello Kitty的胶片机,那是小时候父母送她的礼物,只不过那时候的她只懂得把玩具相机挂在脖子上作装饰。真正开始拍照源于中学时代,那时候很流行一句话叫做“Don’t think just shoot” Leungmo便开始到处乱拍,拍家里的淋浴头、窗、马路和石头等等。下面,一起看看Neocha和Leungmo的20问答,进一步了解这位有趣的摄影师。

Neocha: Do you prefer shooting strangers or people you’re more acquainted with?

Leungmo: Probably strangers. I’m always so curious about other people’s stories. To me, my camera is a tool that helps me bridge the gap between unfamiliar people and myself.

Neocha: Describe your work in three words.

Leungmo: Waaaa… I’m terrified of describing my own work.

NeochaDescribe yourself in three words.

Leungmo: Waaa waaa waaa.

Neocha: 你更喜欢拍摄熟悉的人还是拍摄陌生人?

Leungmo: 陌生人吧,总是很好奇别人的故事,而相机成为我和陌生人接触的桥梁。

Neocha: 用三个词语形容你的照片。

Leungmo: 呜,最怕形容自己和作品。

Neocha: 用三个词语形容你自己。

Leungmo: 呜呜呜。


Neocha: What has been the most satisfying thing about photography for you?

Leungmo: Being able to make a livelihood with something I enjoy.

Neocha: What’s your favorite quote about photography?

Leungmo: “Ruin is a gift, ruin is the road to transformation.”

Neocha: What’s a message you’d want to share with other photography enthusiasts?

Leungmo: If you love it, keep doing it until you hate it or until you die.

Neocha: 有关摄影,你至今最满意的事是?

Leungmo: 兴趣能养活自己。

Neocha: 有关摄影,你最喜欢的东西或一句话是?

Leungmo: Ruin is a gift, ruin is the road to transformation.”

Neocha: 给其他喜欢拍照的人,你想说的一句话是?

Leungmo: 喜欢的话就一直拍至不喜欢或死。

Neocha: How do you feel about the internet? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Leungmo: The internet allows us to easily receive new information, but whenever I eat out with my parents, they’re just staring at their phones. Haha. It’s both good and bad I suppose.

Neocha: Who’s your idol?

Leungmo: Diane Arbus.

Neocha: If you could collaborate with anyone in the future, who would you want it to be?

Leungmo: My boyfriend. He’s a fantastic partner in life and in work. I want to create more with him.

Neocha: 你对互联网的看法,觉得它是好东西还是坏东西? 

Leungmo: 互联网的确令我们更方便接受到新资讯,但令到我爸妈每次外出吃饭都只看着电话,哈哈,有好有坏吧。

Neocha: 你的偶像是?

LeungmoDiane Arbus。

Neocha: 将来可以和一个人合作,你希望是谁?

Leungmo: 男友,他是我生活和工作上的好拍档,将来会和他合作做更多创作。

Neocha: How does living Hong Kong influence your photography?

Leungmo: I have to constantly remind myself to not be drowned by work.

Neocha: What’s your favorite thing about Hong Kong? How about your least favorite?

Leungmo: I like Sham Shui Po. I don’t like Admiralty Station during peak hours.

Neocha: Ten years from now, where do you hope to live? 

Leungmo: Hong Kong. Every time I go on vacation, I come back and feel like Hong Kong is still the best. It feels like home.

Neocha: Where do you want to shoot next?

Leungmo: There are actually so many places in Hong Kong that I haven’t been to. I want to wander the streets and find even more interesting locations and stories.

Neocha: 生活在香港对你拍摄的影响是?

Leungmo: 要时常提醒自己不要被工作淹没。


Leungmo: 喜欢深水埗,不喜欢下班时间的金钟站。

Neocha: 未来10年,希望自己生活在哪里?

Leungmo: 香港,每次外出回来还是觉得香港最好,有家的感觉。



Neocha: If you could only choose between digital and film, what do you choose?

Leungmo: Film. There’s just an irreplaceable quality to it.

Neocha: Who do you want to photograph the most?

Leungmo: I want to photograph an exact clone of myself. It’s impossible to see yourself through your own eyes – it’s always in a reflection or a photograph.

Neocha: If you weren’t a photographer, what do you think you’d be doing?

Leungmo: I’d be the manager of a toy store. I love the toy store in the movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

Neocha: 数码相机和菲林相机,只保留一个你选?

Leungmo: 菲林吧,有种无法取代的质感。

Neocha: 最想拍摄的人是?

Leungmo: 想有另一个自己替自己拍照,因为永远无法用肉眼看见自己,只能透过反射或照片。

Neocha: 如果不做摄影师,你会做的职业是?

Leungmo: 玩具店店长,喜欢电影《Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium》那样的玩具店。

Neocha: What talent do you want to have the most?

Leungmo: I want the translation konjac in Doraemon. When you eat it, you’re instantly able to talk to someone in a foreign language. Doraemon often uses it to talk to dogs, cats, ancient civilizations, and aliens. Besides translating, I can eat it like regular food.

Neocha: What are you most afraid of?

Leungmo: The passing of a relative.

Neocha: What do you consider to be the superficial type of pain?

Leungmo: A cut.

Neocha: What do you feel like the epitome of happiness is?

Leungmo: Loving someone and being loved back.

Neocha: 最希望自己拥有哪种才华?

Leungmo: 想要叮当的翻译蒟蒻,只要吃下之后就能与不同语言者对话无碍,亦可翻译文字。叮当经常用此来和猫、狗、古代人或外星人对话。除了翻译之外也能当作普通的食物来冲充饥。(转自维基)

Neocha: 你最恐惧的是什么?

Leungmo: 亲人离去。

Neocha: 你认为程度最浅的痛苦是什么?

Leungmo: 皮外伤。

Neocha: 你认为最完美的快乐是怎样的?


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Contributor: Ye Zi

网站: cargocollective.com/leungmo
Instagram: @leungmo


供稿人:  Ye Zi

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