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October 23, 2015 2015年10月23日

LOST is a magazine founded by Nelson Ng, a Singaporean art director who is currently based in Shanghai. Featuring personal stories and photo essays from contributors traveling the world over, the thick bilingual magazine is both stunning and meditative. The stories draw from a talented community of writers, designers, photographers, and artists whose travel experiences are not typically covered by the glossy editorial spreads of other travel magazines. Instead, Nelson curates the stories to be more about travel as a state of mind.

LOST》是一本由定居上海的新加坡籍艺术总监Nelson Ng创立的独立杂志,它主要刊载一些周游各地的旅行爱好者所投稿的个人和照片故事,厚厚一本双语杂志,内容精彩,让人回味无穷。杂志中会有来自作家、设计师、摄影师和艺术家们的旅途故事,而这些并非我们在传统旅行杂志上所看到由编辑撰写的文章,相反的,Nelson挑选这些投稿时都会尽量让这些故事以旅行心情的角度去呈现。

Travel can be inspiring, foreign, fun, extremely uncomfortable or ugly. “I called it LOST after a trip where I took a ship from China to Japan all alone and realized that travel could be an entirely different experience. I realized that travel wasn’t really about sightseeing at all, but about what goes on in your mind when you’re traveling,” Nelson says, “It was actually quite an uncomfortable trip, because I didn’t know the place and didn’t know the language. But after I came back from the trip I felt that I had learned and grown so much, and I realized this is the true value of travel, and it was a great feeling,”


The first issue of LOST came about as the result of an experiment when Nelson tapped into his network of friends in the creative industry for interesting stories about their trips around the world. “Each person came back with a very different interpretation of travel. One person wrote about the language barriers when traveling in a foreign land such as Japan, another person wrote only about the people she met during her trip in Yunnan, and someone else merged his writing with his photography to create a visual poetry of his feelings when he climbed mountains. It was all very personal and just people sharing what they saw and felt during their trip.”

《LOST》 创刊号是Nelson的首次尝试,他在自己的创意友人圈中征集大家在世界各地的旅途故事。“每个人回来后都会有各自对旅行截然不同的诠释。有人会在行至异国比如日本时遭遇语言障碍问题,也有人只是单纯分享她在云南旅行时遇见的人,还有人结合自己的文字与图片给大家呈现一场视觉诗篇来表达自己的登山体验。都是些非常个人的东西,就真的是与大家分享自己的旅途见闻。”

As one of the only few bilingual magazines coming out of China, LOST has rapidly picked up distribution outside of Shanghai and Singapore to Taiwan, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and New York. Mainly carried in small independent cafés and lifestyle shops, it remains at heart a self-published magazine that connects both Asian and Western audiences.


“The reception has surpassed my expectations,” Nelson says, “submissions are already in up to the fourth issue, and I think the stories will only get better and better.” Apart from LOST, he’s also working on another small zine focusing on stories about farmers and craftsmen.

Nelson说,“它受欢迎的程度远远超过我的预期” ,“目前已经增订到第四期,并且我相信我们将给读者带来越来越好的故事。”除了《LOST》,他同时还在筹备一个关于农民和手艺人的小型电子杂志。

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Contributor: Jia Li

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供稿人:Jia Li

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