Me & Me

July 27, 2017 2017年7月27日

Me and Me is a photography project from Wenjun Chen and Yanmei Jiang that documents the changing relationship and growth of the two artists. In their own words, “[after] meeting each other in 2007, we started to record each other’s daily lives unconsciously, treating the other one as a photographic experiment. It came to a turning point in 2014, when we tried to make a change in our life and work. We tended to shoot each other consciously, with self-portraits and group photos, exploring and understanding ourselves in this relationship.”

《我与我》(Me and Me)是陈文俊江演媚共同创作的摄影项目,记录这两位艺术家之间的关系变化和成长。正如他们的解释:“从2007年相识开始,我们便无意识地记录对方的日常生活,并将对方作为摄影实验的模特。2014年是个转折点,在生活和创作上,我们尝试作出改变,进行自我探索,开始有意识地互拍、自拍和一起自拍,希望去了解自己,并在这段关系里认识自己。”

The two eventually compiled the photographs into a handmade book project consisting of four parts. The first part contains self-portraits, portraits of one another, and photos of the two together. The second part contains two books, entitled Wenjun Chen In My Eyes and Yanmei Jiang In My Eyes, each compiled by their counterpart. The third part narrates the story of the artists in the form of letters from two perspectives. The fourth part contains topics and conversations between the two artists on social media.

两人最终把这些照片整理成一个手工书籍项目,分为四个部分。第一部分为主书,由互拍和自拍的作品组成。第二部分包含两本书,《我眼中的陈文俊》(Wenjun Chen In My Eyes)与《我眼中的江演媚》(Yanmei Jiang In My Eyes)。第三部分以书信形式,讲述两⼈人之间的故事。第四部分为两位艺术家在社交媒体上的互动和对话。

Chen and Jiang are currently based in Guangzhou, where they run their studio, Me and Me Photo Studio. They regularly hold talks and workshops on how to self-publish books across China. Their award-winning work has been featured in exhibitions across the world, including Taiwan, Japan, UK, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Croatia, Portugal, Denmark, and Slovakia.

他们目前在广州生活,在那里成立了自己的工作室——Me and Me摄影工作室。他们会定期在中国各地举办独立出版书籍工作坊、讲座和策展,其获奖作品曾在中国、台湾、日本、英国、德国、意大利、爱尔兰、挪威、克罗地亚、葡萄牙、丹麦和斯洛伐克展出。