Memories of the Future 未来人做着什么样的梦?

April 1, 2019 2019年4月1日



With the whirlwind pace of technological advancements, some ideas that seemed ludicrous not long ago are now within the realm of possibility. Future Cities is one such idea. Masterminded by Cody Ellingham of DERIVE (whose photo series Danchi Dreams and Painting the Town Red we’ve featured in the past), the ambitious project combines the talents of 3D artist Ruben Frosali, sound designer SJF, and Ellingham himself. The result of the collaboration is a cutting-edge art exhibition based on photogrammetry, a method of measuring distance between objects on static images. Using these calculations, they’ve developed a way for 2D stills to be experienced in an interactive format.

随着科技不断进步发展,以往一些看似荒谬可笑的想法在不久后的未来也有可能成为现实。《未来城市》(Future Cities)正是一个例子。这个艺术项目由 DERIVE 的摄影师 Cody Ellingham 所策划,又在此基础上融入了 3D 艺术家 Ruben Frosali 和音效设计师 SJF 各自的创作才华(其中摄影师 Cody 的过往作品报导可参看链接:《Danchi Dreams》和《Painting the Town Red》),利用摄影测量术打造了一个高科技的前卫展览。摄影测量术是一种测量静态照片上不同物体之间距离的方法。通过测算,他们成功创造出一种能让人在静态二维空间实现人景交互的体验。

Future Cities began with the team making 3D scans of different locations across Tokyo. The scanned images were then digitally altered by Frosali and paired with moody soundtracks from SJF to create the series of immersive dream sequences. Streaking beams of light and disintegrating pixels transformed familiar locales like Kabukicho and Akihabara into otherworldly settings that only bear a vague resemblance to their real-life counterparts.

“We did not want to simply guess at what a generic sci-fi future might look like,” Ellingham explains. “Instead, we wondered what someone from the future would be dreaming of, and we came to the conclusion that it might be memories of a distant past: our present day, combined with their own future.”

At the two-day show in Tokyo, audience members were handed controllers, allowing them to wander through these fragmented memories of the future and become lucid participants in someone else’s dream.

这个项目首先从东京各地进行 3D 扫描开始,然后由 Ruben Frosali 进行后置处理,再与来自 SJF 空灵的配乐相结合,以打造一系列沉浸式的梦中画面。人们熟悉的场景如歌舞伎町和秋叶原,在四溢的光束和液化的结构映衬下,幻化成一场超脱尘世的的梦境,而这些场景和他们的真实外表只相形大概。

“我们并不想仅仅猜测一个普通的科幻未来会是什么样子。相反,我们想知道来自未来的人会梦想些什么。” Cody Ellingham 解释道,“我们最后得出的结论是,也许会是关于遥远过去的回忆吧。”


The second edition of Future Cities will debut in Taipei, Taiwan on April 20th. Similar to the first show, the Taipei exhibition will feature brand new settings based on real locations in the exhibiting city. Click here for event details.

第二届《未来城市》将于 4 月 20 日在台北亮相。与第一届展览类似,台北场展览也将基于全新拍摄的当地实景来创作。点击此处可了解更多展览的详细信息。

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Contributor: David Yen
Chinese Translation: Olivia Li
Images & Video Courtesy of DERIVE

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供稿人: David Yen
英译中: Olivia Li
图片与视频由 DERIVE 提供

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