Needle Contaminated Pork 注射针混入豚

July 24, 2020 2020年7月24日

Deafening guitar sounds blare out from the small Tokyo club at headache-inducing decibels. Inside, the solo guitarist on stage is thrashing around in a manic frenzy as the crowd moshes and headbangs. Even more jarring than the vicious sounds being discharged from the guitar is perhaps the person behind it. Covered up by a full-body hazmat suit and gas mask, the performing musician might seem like someone on edge about the pandemic, except this show took place in early 2019, months before the first cases of Covid-19 emerged.

Conceived in 2006, Needle Contaminated Pork is a one-man slamming brutal death metal act from Niigata, a quiet coastal town that’s given birth to a number of notable Japanese brutal death metal bands. Accompanied by drum samples, the anonymous guitarist plays an extremely violent form of slam death metal that bludgeons eardrums and incites riotous mosh pits.

在东京一间小俱乐部里,传来了震耳欲聋的吉他声。走进俱乐部,舞台上的吉他手正激烈地弹奏着吉它,台下的观众跟随强劲的音乐摇头晃脑,群魔乱斗。比起躁动的吉他声,更令人意外的是弹吉他的人。这位吉他手全身穿上了危险品防护服,带着防毒面具,很像是疫情爆发时的医护人员;只不过这场演出其实是 2019 年初举办的,当时离首例新冠肺炎感染者出现还有好几个月。

注射针混入豚 (Needle Contaminated Pork) 成立于 2006 年,是来自新泻的Slam Brutal Death Metal(残酷死亡金属)一人乐队。新泻是日本一座宁静的沿海城市,曾诞生过许多日本著名的残酷死亡金属乐队。伴随着鼓采样,这位不见真面目的吉他手演奏着强劲的 Slam 残酷死亡金属音乐,轰炸着观众的耳膜,鼓动台下的观众蹦起来。

Listen to some of our favorite tracks by Needle Contaminated Pork:


“I started playing slamming death metal because of Gorevent and Patisserie, bands both from Niigata,” the masked musician explains. “With Gorevent, I noticed the importance of the groove in the music rather than the blast beat.”

Patisserie, being a one-man goregrind project, was what inspired Needle Contaminated Pork to become a solo act. “He is an American guy who got his start in Niigata. I listened to his demo CD Pathorgenal Forensology, and it felt like unlimited possibilities were available to me. Being a one-man band is to be free. I can do what I want.”


这位戴着面具的音乐人说:“我一开始想做 Slam 残酷死亡金属音乐完全是因为两支来自新泻的乐队,Gorevent乐队和Patisserie 乐队。Gorevent 让我认识到,音乐中的律动比爆炸式的节奏更重要。”

Patisserie 是一个单人碾核(goregrind)乐队,也正是受到他的启发,才有了“注射针混入豚”这个单人乐队。“他是一个美国人,在新泻开始做音乐。听过他的 demo《Pathorgenal Forensology》后,我才发现自己也可以有无限的创作可能。单人乐队是一种自由,我可以随心所欲地做音乐。”

While the creative freedom is liberating, being a one-man project also has its setbacks. “There are disadvantages of course,” he says. “Making a song by myself takes a lot of time, especially programming the drums. The whole concert is also my lone responsibility. I want to overwhelm the audience every time, but I can’t play for so long because I’ll suffocate.”


For each show, Needle Contaminated Pork sets the tone with a modified version of “Densha Kamo Shirenai“—the theme song of a vintage Japanese cartoon—playing from the venue speakers. It’s a cheery track that offsets the oncoming sonic onslaught of his own songs, such as “Wriggling Maggots in Wound” or “Strong Smell of Rotting Corpses.”

“This Tama song has a bizarre ambiance and lyrics,” he says. “I edited the song for a slower playback. It helps in making the audience feel unnerved as I prepare to take the stage.”

每一场表演,“注射针混入豚”都会以一首改编的《有时可能是列车》(日本一部旧卡通片的主题曲)开场,通过现场音箱播放。这是一首风格轻快的曲目,可以平衡他接下来要表演的那些极具冲击性的原创音乐,例如《在伤口中蠕动的蛆虫》(《Wriggling Maggots in Wound》)或《腐尸恶臭》(《Strong Smell of Rotting Corpses》)。


All of his upcoming shows have been canceled due to the ongoing pandemic. But with a demo, two compilation albums, a collaborative album with three other bands, and finally a recent China Tour 2019 Limited Vaccination album released, Needle Contaminated Pork can be safely listened to in the comfort of your own home. Granted, the proper way to experience his music is at his live shows where almost anything goes, or just about. Since he started donning full-body PPE in 2007, he’s remained adamant about keeping his identity under wraps and doesn’t take too kindly to people who don’t respect his anonymity. “One time during a gig, I dove into the audience, and a drunk madman tried to remove my gas mask,” he recalls. “If I find him again, I will impale him.”

由于当下疫情的影响,他接下来的所有演出都被取消了。但是他已经推出过demo、两张精选专辑,和其他三支乐队的合作专辑以及最近发行的《China Tour 2019 Limited Vaccination》专辑,所以你完全可以在家中安全地听到“注射针混入豚”的音乐。当然,体验他的音乐最好的方式还是听他的现场表演。自从在 2007 年开始穿上全身防护服表演后,他就一直坚持保密自己的真实身份,所以,有时遇到一些不尊重他这一点的人,他也会被激怒。他回忆说:“有一次演出,我跳到观众当中,一个醉酒的疯子想取下我的防毒面具。下次再看到他,我一定会让他好好记住我。”

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