Jennifer Bin’s Recipes 你收到一封来自 Jennifer Bin 的调色方案

February 2, 2018 2018年2月2日

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Jennifer Bin is a Shanghai-based designer and photographer who offers a different perspective of our modern world through her lens. Her unique editing approach transforms familiar cityscapes into surreal scenes that often more closely resemble stills from a cyberpunk blockbuster than real life. Recently, we had her share one of her VSCO Recipes with us.

Recently, Bin has opted for a fairly minimal editing process and prefers to adjust color temperatures even prior to taking the shot. This allows her to do fairly minimal work once the images are imported into VSCO. For this Recipe, she uses the C5 preset (at a strength of 4.0) and applies the finishing touches with minor adjustments to temperature (-2.7), fade (+1.4), and sharpening (+0.8).

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来自上海的设计师和摄影师 Jennifer Bin 透过镜头,以独特的视角定格当今的世界。她独特的编辑方式,将人们熟悉的城市景观变幻成超现实的场景,明明是来自日常的场面,看上去却像是赛博朋克风(Cyberpunk)电影中的剧照。近期,她和我们分享了一款她使用 VSCO 时的私人调色配方。

最近,Jennifer 挑选了一个相当轻简的“配方”步骤来编辑图片,在拍摄之前就可以调色完毕,图像导入 VSCO 后只要做很少的改动即可。Bin 在这款配方中使用了 C5 预设(强度为4.0),并以温度(-2.7)、褪色(+1.4)和锐化(+0.8)作出轻微调整。

Bin cites the likes of author William Gibson’s Neuromancer, director Scott Ridley’s Blade Runner, and animator Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira as inspirations, but she doesn’t see her images as fictional portrayals of our world – she believes the future envisioned by these past works of science-fiction have already snuck up on us and her images are proof. “The world that we’re living in now is a heterotopia,” Bin tells us. “We can see both the utopian and dystopian elements of sci-fi from yesteryears. There are promising technologies and breakthroughs that can be seen as utopian, but at the same time, they can easily have dark applications or result in unwanted, unforeseen consequences.”

Jennifer 的创作灵感包括威廉·吉布森(William Gibson)的科幻小说《神经浪游者》, 雷德利·斯科特(Ridley Scott)导演的电影《银翼杀手》和动画大师大友克洋(Katsuhiro Ôtomo)的《阿基拉》,但她并不认为自己照片是对这个世界虚构式的写照,她相信,这些早期科幻作品所设想的未来已经悄然出现在我们的生活中,而她的照片正是证据。“我们现在生活的世界就是一个‘异托邦’(Heterotopias)。”她解释道,“我们可以看到在早期科幻作品中所呈现的乌托邦和反乌托邦元素。先进的科技和突破可以看作是‘乌托邦’,但与此同时,它们也很可能会被用于不道德的用途上,或是导致不必要、不可预见的后果。”

Bin regards editing as an essential part of her creative process as a photographer. While composition and framing are important factors, editing is another way for her to direct the viewer’s attention towards certain elements in each frame. “When you manipulate the colors of an image, it changes its overall mood as well,” she adds. “The use of color is key to invoking the right emotions.”

作为一名摄影师,Jennifer 认为图片编辑是创作过程中的一个关键部分。虽然构图和取景也很重要,但后期编辑可以让她用另一种方式,将观众的注意力转向照片中某些特定的元素。“当你调整照片的颜色时,同时也会改变照片整体的情绪氛围。色彩的运用是调用情绪的关键。”她补充道。

While a cohesive aesthetic is observable throughout her photography, Bin isn’t afraid to experiment. She often tinkers with her editing tools or cycles through different VSCO Recipes. From minimal edits where much of the work is already done in-camera to a complete reimagining of an image’s original colors, Bin repeatedly demonstrates a daringness to expand her creative boundaries and defy expectations.


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VSCO: ~/jenniferbin
Instagram: @jenniferbin


Contributor: David Yen

VSCO: ~/jenniferbin
Instagram: @jenniferbin


供稿人: David Yen

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