Portrait of a Beijinger

July 10, 2017 2017年7月10日

Portrait of a Beijinger is a four-part video series, created by writer and editor Tom Fearon and filmmaker Abel Blanco, which documents the lives of ordinary Beijingers with extraordinary stories. Scroll down to watch all four episodes.

《北京人肖像》(Portrait of a Beijinger)是由作家兼编辑的Tom Fearon和电影制作人Abel Blanco共同创作的纪录片系列,共四集,记录了生活在北京的四位普通人和他们不普通的故事。继续阅读,和我们一起观看《北京人肖像》全片。

Episode 1 – “Beneath the Makeup”



Episode 1, “Beneath the Makeup,” follows Liu Xinran, a self-taught Peking opera performer who specializes as a nandan, or man who performs female roles on stage. Away from the stage, he has been a passionate collector of cola cans for almost two decades.

第一集《脸谱之下》(Beneath the Makeup)的主角是刘欣然,他是一名自学成才的京剧男旦表演者,即男性演员饰演戏剧中的女性角色。舞台之外,他一直热衷于收藏可口可乐罐头,已经收集了近二十年。

Episode 2 – “Call of Duty”



The following episode, “Call of Duty,” follows Yang Guoqing, a deli owner who discovered relics from the largely forgotten Battle of Nankou while he was camping by the Great Wall in 2008. Since then, he has used his metal detector to recover more than 3,000 military relics, which are displayed in his makeshift basement museum. Mr. Yang seeks to educate future generations about the cost of war and the value of peace, particularly amid growing modern tension between China and Japan.

在第二集《使命召唤》(Call of Duty)中,他们采访了杨国庆,一位熟食店老板。2008年,他在长城野营时,发现了一些属于那场被世人遗忘的南口战役的遗物。从此之后,他用自己的金属探测器,一共发现了 3000 多件战争遗物,并放在自己的临时地下室博物馆中展览。杨先生希望能教育子孙后代有关战争的代价和和平的可贵,特别是如今中日日趋紧张的局势下。

Episode 3 – “Raise the Red Flag”



Episode 3, “Raise the Red Flag,” follows Luo Wenyou, a man who turned his back on a promising career in the civil service in 1978 to pursue his passion for cars. In the following decades he ran several successful businesses, investing huge sums of money to buy more than 200 rare vehicles displayed today at his personal museum in the northeast outskirts of Beijing. For many Chinese visitors to the museum, the most popular cars are the Hongqi sedans once owned by China’s most famous (and infamous) politicians. Luo explains the unique story behind each vehicle, including Mao Zedong’s 10-meter limousine, and the reasons Hongqi is the automotive embodiment of national pride.

在第三集《红旗高高挂》(Raise the Red Flag)中,他们采访了国产老爷车收藏家罗文有。1978年,罗文有放弃公务员事业,转而追随自己对汽车的热情。在接下来的几十年里,他经营了几家成功的企业,投入巨额资金,购买了超过200辆珍罕的古董车。现在,这些古董车就陈列在他位于怀柔的私人博物馆中。最受当地游客欢迎的是中国最著名(和臭名昭着的)政治家曾坐过的红旗轿车。罗文有解释了每辆车背后的故事,包括毛泽东的10米豪华轿车,以及为什么红旗汽车是一个让中国人自豪的品牌。

Episode 4 – “Woman of Tai Chi”



For the final episode of the documentary series, they ended with “Woman of Tai Chi.” In the episode, they follow Lu Yan, who was the youngest member of the Beijing Wushu Team when she joined during the Cultural Revolution. In 1974, she and Jet Li took part in “wushu diplomacy” by performing for President Richard Nixon at the White House.

纪录片系列的最后一集是《太极女侠》(Woman of Tai Chi),这一集的主角是吕燕。文革期间,她加入北京武术队,是当时队中最年轻的成员。1974年,她和李连杰参与当时的“武术外交”访问团,在美国白宫为理查德·尼克松总统表演。