Pow Marin’s Floral Portraits 眼花撩乱的记忆

July 25, 2018 2018年7月25日

“Floral” might be the first word that pops into your mind when you see Manila-based artist Pow Marin’s work. Everyone’s face is a profusion of flowers and corals, arrayed so dramatically that they seem to be clamoring for your attention. Marin’s obsession with repeating patterns, along with a strong influence from Yayoi Kusama, one of his favorite artists, give his work a distinct and dazzling style.

眼花撩乱,也许是你看到 Pow Marin 作品心中浮现的第一个形容词,这些团簇的花和珊瑚绽放在每个人身上,戏剧性的程度就好像它们在放声地呼喊,以争夺你的目光。来自菲律宾马尼拉的年轻艺术家 Pow Marin,说自己是受到喜欢的艺术家草间弥生影响,再加上自己对重复图案的执着,最后总结出这样令人目眩神迷的画风。

The subjects of Marin’s paintings seem to be posing for a photograph, standing still and looking directly at the camera. His works give off a heady scent of nostalgia as if he were conjuring happy moments and preserving them in physical form on a canvas. “Sometimes I use my own family photos as reference,” he says. “Being around friends and other people is a huge comfort for me.” His paintings, like memories, pay tribute to significant people and happenings from the past.

除此之外,近似照片的构图,画面里的人看向镜头静止不动——你还可以从他的作品里品味出浓郁的怀旧情感。如同回忆被提领出来,帧在画布上,过往的美好时光就此留存在他下笔的那一刻。“我经常使用家庭合照作为参考,因为朋友和其他人的陪伴对我来说是很大的安慰。” 就像回忆录一样,他感性地用画把重要的人与事都纪念下来。



Contributor: Yang Yixuan

Instagram: @powmarin


供稿人: Yang Yixuan

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