RACE Robotics Laboratory

May 19, 2017 2017年5月19日

Designed by Singapore-based architectural firm Ministry of Design, the new brand logo and facilities for the Robotics Applications Centre of Excellence have recently been unveiled. To support and advance RACE’s vision of educating and introducing robotic automation to modern industries, the newly debuted space has been designed with versatility in mind. The multifunctional laboratory is equipped to not only showcase their modular robots, but also accommodate hands-on training sessions and lectures.

新加坡建筑事务所Ministry of Design(MOD)近日公布了其为Robotics Applications Centre of Excellence(RACE)设计的品牌和空间体验,一个新的机器人设施,旨在宣传并推广使机器人引入现有的制造业自动化中。实验室空间的设计以灵活性为理念,多功能的实验室用来展示一系列不断变化的模块化机器人,并用于动手的培训和讲座。

To convey a sense of industrial futurism, Ministry of Design employed the use of powerful converging lines and bold geometric shapes in their design. Even prior to entering the main laboratory, their design concept is readily apparent – white lines slice and intersect through the jet-black lobby, creating an optical illusion that makes the ceiling, floor, and walls indiscernible from one another. Deeper inside the facility is the main laboratory area, which follows the same design motif as the lobby, with the use of dramatic lines and shapes to introduce a sense of dynamic energy. Aluminum tubes and linear LED strips are adjoined to form facets, which all connect together to form a metallic shell that encases the entire room. Beyond aesthetics alone, this outer layer of the room serves to conceal mechanical and electrical elements while still permitting easy access for users via the use of access hatches. See more images of the newly designed facility below.

为了传达工业未来主义的风格, MOD在设计中运用了极具视觉冲击力的白线和大胆的几何形状。在进入主实验室之前, 他们的设计概念就已经清晰显现——飞扬的白线穿过黑色的空间形成的网在视觉上营造出错觉效果,创造了一个地面、天花板和墙壁交融一体,难以区别的空间体验。再往里走是主实验室区域, 这里的设计遵循与前厅相同的设计主题,使用戏剧性的线条和形状来引入动感活力的氛围。铝管和定制发光二级管毗邻形成令人炫目的金属外壳, 包裹住整个空间。这一外壳除了有美学价值之外, 也遮盖了那些必备的机电设施,同时还方便用户通过舱门出入。通过下面的图片,进一步了解这个全新空间设计吧。

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Contributor: David Yen
Images Courtesy of Ministry of Design

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供稿人: David Yen
图片由Ministry of Design提供