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November 14, 2016 2016年11月14日

Hangzhou has long been a must-go location for both tourists in and out of China, with millions of visitors flocking to the capital of the Zhejiang Province to catch a glimpse of its idyllic natural surrounds. The city is steeped with a rich history, which has inspired art and poetry for centuries, before evolving into the bustling modern civilisation that it is today. In the hotspot of Hangzhou’s Binjiang District lies the Wheat Youth Arts Hotel, a minimalistic hotel that seeks to entice and entertain every contemporary traveller.


The Wheat Arts Youth Hotel is the brainchild of Shanghai-based design company X+Living, who previously designed the stunning Hangzhou and Yangzhou branches of Zhongshuge bookstore. The design team responsible for bringing this project to life is comprised of Chen Fan, Dan Chen, Feng Wu, Xiao Zhang and Ren Lijiao. The philosophy of X+Living is to create value with design – the company was adamant about creating a space that was both a visual spectacle, as well as a warm and inviting place for guests to rest their heads. This endeavour to strike a natural balance between good design and comfort is apparent from the moment visitors enter through the lobby door.


In true boutique hotel style, the entrance to the hotel is blink-and-you’ll-miss-it subtle and nestled on the seventh floor of a shopping mall. The words mai jian, meaning the tip of a stalk of wheat in Chinese, appear on a clean white wall at the entrance, a preface to the warm and inviting lobby. Much like Hangzhou itself, the lobby features nuances of both traditional and modern Chinese culture. Art, music and literature are vital themes throughout the hotel’s design and is a big part of the hotel’s overall creative energy. The walls are lined with endless bookshelves that hug the corners of the lobby and contrast against a three-dimensional world map, which is comprised of many traditional Chinese checker pieces.

酒店具有的精品酒店风格,不起眼的入口,需要从商场七楼内部进入。 来到门前,小巧简白的酒店门口简单写着“麦尖”两字,引领你进入温馨的酒店大堂。就像杭州这座城市一样,大堂内体现着传统和现代的中国元素。设计师用日常人们热爱的音乐、绘画与读书来装扮整个酒店的氛围。

En route towards each hotel room, guests can also discover amusing tidbits that line the corridors of the hotel. A preview of the amenities that await in each room have been arranged into a stylised display that hangs at the end of the lobby. Chinese checker pieces also make a colourful reappearance, along with a series of bright and playful paintings. Every floor features numerous bookshelves and a piano that guests are encouraged to play to their heart’s content.

在前往房间的路上,客人能够发现走廊里布满着有趣的涂鸦。更有部分空间用彩色跳棋来装饰天花,像彩虹糖般甜蜜。设计师用跳棋来比喻每个人,所以在一面墙上用跳棋装点了一幅世界地图,寓 意欢迎世界各地朋友来此一聚,并用跳棋来代表酒店的服务人员,所以设计师原创出 跳棋一样的凳子,让人们可以坐在上面,像是一种服务的意识。 每一层都有很多藏书,还有一架钢琴供客人弹奏。

Each hotel room is equipped with Scandinavian-style furnishings that offer both comfort and functionality to every guest. The TV is hidden behind a sliding canvas that features a thematic splash of colour and a bold greeting that is unique to each room. An easel is placed next to every window, in the hopes that guests can get creative during their stay. For weary explorers, unwinding with a book from the hotel’s cozy coffee shop before taking a long soak in a bathtub is the perfect way to end a long day.


Wheat Youth Arts Hotel aims to honour Hangzhou’s long-standing affinity with art and culture, whilst providing travellers with a truly unique accommodation option. Every aspect of the hotel, from the attentive staff, to the hotel’s bright, open spaces and seemingly infinite book collection beckons guests to enjoy this contemporary artistic playground.


No.9, Taian Road 7F (Xinguang Center)
Hangzhou, Bingjiang District
People’s Republic of China

+86 0571-28000999


Contributor: Whitney Ng
Photographer: Shao Feng
Images Courtesy of X+Living

泰安路9号 7楼(星光中心)

+86 0571-28000999


供稿人: Whitney Ng
摄影师: 邵峰