Roller Coaster India

August 15, 2017 2017年8月15日



“During my trip to Kolkata, India, I could only think of one thing: roller coaster,” says Cuban filmmaker Yuribert Capetillo Hardy. As the name suggests, Hardy’s short film Roller Coaster India is nothing short of a vibrant, and at times, dizzying spectacle. The film’s point of view twists from scene to scene with almost zero delay, delivering a sensory overload that Hardy describes as a visualization of his feelings, fears, and emotions while traveling through India.

古巴电影制片人Yuribert Capetillo Hardy说:“在印度加尔各答旅游时, 我只能想到一个词——过山车。”顾名思义,他所拍摄的短片《Roller Coaster India》是一部充满活力,甚至可以说令人眩目的视觉影像。影片的各个场景快速地切换着,带来目不暇接的视觉体验,Hardy解释道,这正是对他在印度旅行时的感觉、恐惧和情感的“视觉化表达”。

The film is a choppy glimpse into everyday life on the streets of India, forcing viewers to cling to each scene. Hardy, who is now based in Holland, remarks that these moments are a stark contrast to his daily life but also make him reminiscent of his own childhood in Havana, Cuba. “Compared to my week in India, I realized that my life in the streets of Havana wasn’t that bad after all. The energy of this country, the spirituality of the people, and the spark in their eyes made this the trip of a lifetime.”

这部影片展示了印度街头日常生活的各种片段,迫使观众专注地观察每一个场景。Hardy现在在荷兰生活,他表示,影像中的生活和他平常的生活截然不同, 但使他想起了自己在古巴哈瓦那的童年。“我在印度度过的这一周, 让我意识到,曾经在哈瓦那街头的生活也没有很糟糕。这个国家的活力、人们的精神和他们眼中的火花, 使这场旅行成为了一次终生难忘的经历。”

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