“Same Mistakes” by Seramic

April 27, 2017 2017年4月27日



“Same Mistakes” is the latest music video from Seramic for his upcoming EP, I Got You. Beautifully shot in Hong Kong, the music video is a cinematic journey of a couple’s troubled relationship, played out through dance in the neon-lit streets and backalleys of the city.

《Same Mistakes》是 Seramic 最新EP《I Got You》的MV。MV在香港取景拍摄,通过女主角在香港霓虹闪烁的街道和小巷中的舞蹈,讲述了一对情侣在情感上遭遇的困境。

The role of the female protagonist is played by Angela Hang, an accomplished dancer and choreographer, and the founder of Hong Kong’s Studiodanz dance school. According to Seramic, “Our idea was to have the female character gain strength as the film progresses and be joined by dancers who act as guides, coming out of nowhere to help her get back her power and break into dance. The video plays with the audience’s expectations and breaks out of traditional narrative into more of a surreal, dream world.”

MV中的女主角由Angela Hang演绎。她是一位出色的舞蹈家和舞蹈指导, 也是香港Studiodanz 舞蹈学校的创始人。据Seramic自己解释,“我们的概念是展现出女主角在影片中不断获得力量的过程,其他舞蹈演员则扮演着她的向导,在片中陆续出现,与女主角一起跳舞,帮助女主角寻获力量。这部MV颠覆了观众的预期, 打破传统叙事风格,呈现出一个超现实的幻想世界。”

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Contributor: George Zhi Zhao
Video & Images Courtesy of Seramic

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供稿人: George Zhi Zhao