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“Faai Di” is a track from the Broken Chinese EP by Berlin-based bass music duo SYMBIZ. The music video for the song was filmed during a two-week journey to Uganda, during which SYMBIZ took part in performances, workshops, and cultural activism in collaboration with In Place of War, a grassroots organization that uses art and culture to empower communities that are suffering from the consequences of conflict and war. The video features SYMBIZ in various locations, dancing along with people that they met along their journey and on the street. According to them, “We were not sure how easy it would be to shoot in Uganda, but it turned out the way it usually does – if you simply do what you want, while being respectful to the place you are visiting, when you are open to getting in touch with people and want to share and communicate, you will have collaborators and supporters everywhere.”

《Faai Di》(粤语“快啲”)是柏林bass音乐组合SYMBIZ的EP《Broken Chinese》中的一首歌。SYMBIZ前往乌干达,在为期两星期的旅途中,拍摄了这首歌的MV。期间,他们携手In Place of War,参与一系列的表演、工作坊及文化行动。In Place of War是一个利用艺术和文化活动,帮助受冲突和战争影响的社区的民间组织。在这个MV中,SYMBIZ出现在不同的地点,与那些他们在旅途和大街上遇到的当地人一起跳舞。SYMBIZ说:“我们一开始也不确定在乌干达拍摄容不容易,但最后我们发现,其实都不困难,只要你是真的去做你想要做的事情,对当地保持尊敬的态度,乐于与当地人接触,乐于分享和沟通,不管去到哪都会有人支持你,和你合作。”

Take a listen below to other tracks from the Broken Chinese EP. The album is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

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SYMBIZ– 再加一杯


SYMBIZ was originally founded in 2010 by Korean-German brothers and producers Buddysym and Chris, and later joined by MC Zhi. Recently, with Chris largely focused on studio production in the German hip-hop industry, Buddysym and Zhi continue to produce new music and travel the world as a duo. Originally producing music in English, they decided to produce an entirely Cantonese-language bass music EP, influenced in part by MC Zhi’s Chinese-German heritage.

SYMBIZ最初由韩裔德国兄弟和制作人Buddysym和Chris成立于2010年,后来MC Zhi也加入组合。近来,Chris越来越专注于德国嘻哈音乐行业的工作室录音制作,于是Buddysym和MC Zhi继续作为二人组合,周游世界,创作新的音乐。他们最初只创作英文歌曲,后来又决定创作一首全粤语的bass音乐EP,一部分原因是MC Zhi本身是华裔德国人的文化背景。

Talking to us about their creative process behind the Broken Chinese EP, SYMBIZ says, “We had this possibility on our hands to use another language that had a completely different sound potential and was seldom used in this kind of music. We started researching and considering the size, the huge population, and the vast cultural output China has. We were honestly very surprised to find that there was hardly any sort of bass music in Chinese, so why in the world would we not give it a shot? After producing and recording the first track, we realized we were onto something new and interesting, so we decided to dedicate an EP to that idea rather than just a song. Now we are finishing off the second EP and will probably do a third after that.”

SYMBIZ向我们分享了他们创作《Broken Chinese》这张EP背后的故事:“我们之中有人会另一种语言,而这种语言可以呈现出全然不同的声音特色,而且在这类音乐风格中,很少有用这种语言来创作的。所以我们先做了一下调查,结果惊讶地发现,虽然中国有庞大的人口和文化输出,但却几乎没有中文bass音乐。所以,我们就觉得为什么不试一下呢?创作和录制了第一首歌之后, 我们意识到自己发现了一些很有趣的新东西,所以我们决定不仅仅只是创作一首歌,而是将整张EP围绕这种想法来创作。现在,我们已经快完成第二张EP的创作,之后可能就会开始制作第三张。”

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Contributor: George Zhi Zhao

网站: symbiz-sound.de
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供稿人: George Zhi Zhao

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