Scenes from a Breakup 劫后余生的恋人们

January 28, 2019 2019年1月28日

Like sketches from a love story, Korean illustrator Kang Jiyeon‘s drawings are intimate, suggestive, and poetic. She draws everyday scenes in large blocks of varying colors, with men and women who are sometimes shown in profile and sometimes have their backs to us. Even if we can’t see their expressions, the loneliness hangs visibly in the air, with a hint of sorrow. “All men and women in the world fall in love and split up,” Kang says. “The Romancer focuses mainly on expressing these two states of human relationships: loving and separation.”

她的画像一部轻描淡写的言情小说,亲密,隐晦,充满诗意。韩国插画家 Kang Jiyeon 用深浅不一的大面积色块将画布分割成一片片日常风景。画中的男女时而微露侧脸,时而完全转过身去,即使看不见表情,空气中依然阅读得出他们的落寞,以及那一丝浅尝即止的伤心。“世界上的男人和女人相恋又分离。《The Romancer》这一个系列想要表达的就是这两种人与人之间的动态关系。”

A scroll through Kang’s works on Instagram shows that she used to use simple black and white lines to depict love, like a doting couple interacting with each other. (In the work with the table lamp on the dresser, the picture on the wall is one of her past pieces.)

But in this series, her theme is separation, and the former happiness has faded into a memory on the wall. Here she uses dense colors to show the loneliness of those who have gone through a breakup. Whether it’s a still life or a figure in profile, her works are full of loneliness and estrangement. “Sometimes I regret changing my style, because it took me so much time and effort,” she says. “But his may also be one of the main reasons this series is one of my favorites.”

在 Instagram 里翻阅 Kang Jiyeon 过去的作品,以前她习惯使用简单的黑白线条去刻画爱情,比如说热恋中的情侣互动等等(像下方有一盏台灯的那幅画中,墙上的画作即是她复制自己过去的一幅作品)。




Contributor: Yang Yixuan
English Translation: Allen Young

Instagram: @heybaci


供稿人: Yang Yixuan
中译英: Allen Young