Shanghai Street Performers

November 20, 2015 2015年11月20日

“I used to have my contact info on a small sign, which I would put out wherever I performed. The city officials would always hassle me though, and one day they took my sign away. Usually I get kicked out of a few spots, but today where I’m at is okay.”

Yulei, 28, financial worker (from Shandong)


于磊,28岁,理财师 (来自山东)

“I spend most of my days in the social dancing clubs, and most of my nights on the streets. I used to teach classes, but the structure and formality of it wore me down. The most important thing is the beat of the music, but most of the stuff they play now on the streets has no rhythm.”

Mr. Zhang, 74, professional Latin style dancer (from Shanghai)


张师傅,74岁,专业拉丁舞者 (来自上海)

“Sometimes people will come up to me and request me to play certain songs. I’ll sing them as long as I know the words. I think that sharing music on the street brings a little bit of warmth to this cold city.”

Xie Jun, 25, hairstylist (from Anhui)


谢军,25岁,理发师 (来自安徽)

Shanghai Street Performers is the first part of a series showcasing street performers in and around Asia. The series features notable individuals who perform in public spaces, in order to shed light on the development of street performance culture across Asia’s major cities.


Contributor: George Zhi Zhao
Photographer: George Zhi Zhao



供稿人: George Zhi Zhao
摄影师: George Zhi Zhao