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SHUNGA is a minute-long animation created by Roberto Biadi, an Italian motion designer and animator. The hypersexualized video consists of an ever-changing writhing mass of humans, animals, and demons. Some characters melt into one another, and others explode into a flurry of phalluses before reassembling into different creatures. Roberto’s animation is meant to be a visual representation on the evolution of shunga art, the creative process of Japanese shunga artists, and his own stream of consciousness. Roberto says, “I usually just start with a blank page. Whatever I make, it feels like it’s been somewhere deep in my mind. It feels like my drawings just flow out of me, and all I’m doing is adjusting the direction of the flow.”

SHUNGAは、イタリア出身のモーションデザイナーおよびアニメーターのRoberto Biadiが制作した1分間のアニメーションです。激しいセックスの様子が強調されたこの動画には、刻々と姿を変えてのたうち回る人間、動物、そして悪霊たちの塊が描かれています。登場するキャラがお互いに溶け込んだり、あるものは陰茎と睾丸を攻め合った後に別の生き物へと変身する様子が見られます。Robertoのアニメーションには、春画アートの進化、日本人春画作家の創造的プロセス、そして彼自身の意識の流れがビジュアライズされています。Robertoは、「普段は何もない空白のページから始めます。どのような作品ができようとも、それは自分の心の奥深くに感じています。描こうとしているものが自分の中から流れ出し、ただその流れの方向を変えていくのです」と言います。

Besides only being inspired by shunga art, many of the creatures in Roberto’s animation are from ukiyo-e paintings and from the works of well-known Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. Reflective of Roberto’s self-professed infatuation with Japan, other iconic aspects of Japanese culture also make appearances in the short film, such as sumo wrestlers, samurais, and geishas. “A lot of things inspire me, and they might not be related with each other. It’s often difficult to find something that inspires me to make an entire video about it,” Roberto says. “What fascinates me about shunga art is that they were unbelievable masterpieces of Japanese art, but at the same time, people could use them to masturbate. I love this.”


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Vimeo: ~/robertobiadi
Behance: ~/robertobiadi


Contributor: David Yen

Vimeo: ~/robertobiadi
Behance: ~/robertobiadi


寄稿者: David Yen

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