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June 8, 2017 2017年6月8日



On the 24th of May 2017, Taiwan’s top court ruled in favour of marriage equality, making Taiwan the first in Asia to legalise gay marriage. Upon the outbreak of this news, Taiwanese director Huang Hui-Chen shared a heartwarming sentiment on her Facebook page stating, “love will always find a way.”

2017年5月24日,台湾最高法院裁定婚姻平等,使台湾成为亚洲第一个同性婚姻合法化的地区。消息公布之后中,台湾导演黄惠侦 在脸书上发布了一个情感真挚的帖子:“願天下有情人終成眷屬” 。

Huang was a political activist before she began making documentary films; she rose to fame after her feature film, Small Talk, premiered at the 53rd Golden Horse Film Festival. Small Talk is a riveting documentary that comprises of sit-down interviews that take place between Huang and her estranged lesbian mother, A-nu. When Huang gave birth to a daughter of her own in 2012, she felt further compelled to repair her alienating relationship with her mother. Despite the two living under the same roof, they co-exist as strangers with little to no human interaction.


At times, the documentary is filled with long silences and an uncomfortable tension. With each talk, Huang probes her mother who reluctantly begins to reveal layers of her past. Beyond these emotion-driven conversations, the film also consists of interviews with A-nu’s previous and present lovers, her siblings, and a few home videos that were shot over the past two decades. The film adds an extra level of intrigue for viewers who journey along with Huang, an open-minded heterosexual daughter who is desperately trying to connect with her evasive homosexual mother.


At the beginning of 2017, Small Talk was awarded Best Documentary at the Teddy Awards in Berlin, casting a warm spotlight on LGBTIQ families in Taiwan. Small Talk not only offers viewers an intimate insight into rural Taiwanese culture but also into the fragile relationship that exists within Huang’s family, and that is what makes the film so universally relevant.

2017年初,《日常对话》被评选为柏林泰迪熊奖最佳纪录片,引起人们对台湾LGBTIQ家庭的关注。《日常对话》向观众呈现了对台 湾乡村文化的深刻洞察,同时带领观众探讨导演黄惠侦家庭中存在的脆弱关系,而这也正是这部电影如此广泛地引起人们共鸣的原因。(LGBTIQ指女同性恋者(Lesbians)、男同性恋者(Gays)、双性恋者(Bisexuals)、跨性别者(Transgender)、双性人(intersex),以及酷儿(Queer)和/或对其性别认同感到疑惑的人(Questioning))

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Contributor: Whitney Ng



供稿人: Whitney Ng