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June 9, 2017 2017年6月9日

ShanghaiPRIDE, the largest and longest enduring LGBTQ festival in China, is back, with this year’s festivities taking place between June 15th and June 18th. This year is the 9th edition of the annual event, and ShanghaiPRIDE is rallying the community around the theme of “The Time is Now,” which echoes the concept of carpe diem, encouraging people to seize the moment and take action. “We talk a lot about self-acceptance, love, and relationships. So, our team thought: we’re reaching our 10th festival – our events should inspire actions at a personal level,” explains Raymond Phang, co-founder of ShanghaiPRIDE. “If not now, then when?”

上海骄傲节(ShanghaiPRIDE)是中国国内最大型、成立最久的LGBTQ节日。今年,第九届上海骄傲节庆祝活动将于6月15日至6月18日举行,本次活动以“The Time is Now”为主题,倡导及时行乐的态度,鼓励人们抓住时机,行动起来。上海骄傲节的联合创始人Raymond Phang 解释:“我们谈论过很多关于自我接受、爱和情感关系的话题,所以我们团队就想,在第十届节日到来之际,我们应该更多地鼓励个人层面上的行动。如果不趁现在,那还要等到什么时候呢?”

While it’s true that China isn’t outspokenly against same-sex relationships, a fairly conservative mentality is still the norm when it comes to sexuality, especially for the older generation. But with the recent same-sex marriage ruling in Taiwan, it’s clear that people in the region are beginning to embrace love in all forms. It’s optimistic that this attitude shift will motivate more places in the region to join in on the conversation, and with time, abandon their outdated ideologies around relationships and marriages. Beaming with confidence, Phang says, “When people know more and understand more, they will know how similar we are as humans.” To help promote awareness and teach tolerance, ShanghaiPRIDE has invited different representatives from the LGBT community – both couples and individuals – to speak up this year by having them share their personal stories and explain what “The Time is Now” means to them.

尽管在中国,社会没有公开反对同性恋,但是对于性取向问题,大部分人还是持相对保守的心态,特别是老一辈的人。但是,随着最近台湾同性婚姻的合法化,人们显然已经开始以各种形式接纳多元化的爱情。可以乐观地认为,这种态度的转变将会激励更多的人关注这一问题,然后逐渐地抛弃他们对情感关系和婚姻那些过时的想法。Raymond Phang 很有信心的说:“当人们了解得更多,他们就会明白到,我们和他们一样,没什么不同。”为了提高公众意识,推广宽容的态度,上海骄傲节今年邀请了LGBT群体中的不同代表(包括伴侣和个人), 让他们发表讲话,分享自己的故事,以及他们眼中“The Time is Now”的意义。

Justine: When I came back from Vancouver, I was surprised that people around me still have biases and discriminate against the LGBTQ community. That’s why I decided to stand up. We met at the gym, and then later again at an event with some friends. The serendipity of it is why I treasure our relationship so much. The Time is Now to eliminate discrimination!

Daphnee: My mom is very conservative, but she still loves me after I came out. It was love at first sight when I saw Justine. I feel comfortable sharing myself selflessly when I am with her. Plus, I believe only I can stand her bad temper. The Time is Now to be your true self!

Justine: 从温哥华回来才发现自己身边的人对LGBTQ社群还有很大的偏见和歧视,所以想站出来。我和她是在健身房里初识,在朋友聚会中重逢,所以格外珍惜这缘分和彼此的默契。The Time is Now 消除歧视!

Daphnee: 我的母亲非常保守,但她在知道我的性倾向后依然很疼爱我。遇见她时就一见钟情,因为她让我能毫无保留的分享自己,而且也只有我会忍受她的坏脾气吧。The Time is Now 做真实的自己!

Sunny: As far as I can remember, I have always liked boys. For the past ten years, I felt that society has been more open-minded and people are more inclusive. When he is around me, I am me. The Time is Now to love who you love!

Xiaoxiong: When I met him six years ago, I could feel that he will be the one. Last year, we went to Greece for vacation; the Aegean Sea was more beautiful with him by my side. The Time is Now to embrace diversity!

Sunny: 从有意识开始,我就喜欢男生。过去十年里,我觉得社会更开放了,而人们也逐渐地更包容。有他的时候,我是最轻松,最自在的那个我。The Time is Now 选你所爱!

小熊: 六年前在武汉认识他,觉得他就是那个对的人。还记得去年一起去希腊旅游,爱琴海有他变得更美丽。The Time is Now 拥抱多元!

Evie: Many think that being bisexual is just being greedy, or that I will follow the mainstream values and select the opposite sex as partners sooner or later. But, my affection is regardless of gender. It is about trust, care, and growing together. Gender is secondary. The Time is Now to love fearlessly!

Evie: 很多人会以为双性恋是贪心的,亦或有顺应社会主流价值观的选择。我的爱只不过是不分性别。爱一个人,是信任、是寄托、是一起成长,性别才是次要的。The Time is Now 勇敢爱!

Annin: Since I was young, I thought that everyone was the same, but as I grew older, gender became restrictions. At my college graduation ceremony, I took off my disguise, showing the world who I really am. Staying true to myself, I became happier. The Time is Now to be who you are!

Annin: 从小我就觉得人与人之间没有区别。但是成长的过程中,性别的隔阂成为了生命的束缚。大学毕业典礼上,我卸下伪装,用真实的自己去面对世界。真实地面对自己,真实而快乐。The Time is Now 成为你想要的!

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Contributor: David Yen
Campaign Creative: Neocha
Photographer: Adam J. Schokora

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供稿人: David Yen
项目创意: Neocha
摄影师: Adam J. Schokora

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