Summer Love Aria 恋恋夏日咏叹

May 8, 2018 2018年5月8日



“Summer Love Aria” is a long-overdue collaboration between Shanghai-based musicians ChaCha and Akin. The instrumental, produced by the ever-versatile HARIKIRI, works in tandem with ChaCha and Akin’s crooning vocals to form a soundscape that’s equal parts dreamy and funky. Pairing Akin’s buttery smooth delivery with ChaCha’s sultry and seductive voice, the single captures the feel-good vibes of a summer romance from two different perspectives.

《恋恋夏日咏叹》由常驻上海的音乐人ChaCha 及 Akin 合作而成。多才多艺的音乐制作人 HARIKIRI 担任编曲与后期制作,为二人的低吟浅唱构建了一个梦幻却时髦的音景。Akin 绵滑的唱腔与 ChaCha 诱人的歌声两相融合,从两个角度演绎出夏日恋曲的浪漫情调。


“My life revolves around love,” ChaCha tells us. “But it’s not limited to romantic love. It includes the love between family and friends, the love for our world and for Mother Nature, the love you feel when pursuing your passions, and the love you feel for yourself. These are the things that make life worth living.”

“爱,是我赖以生活的空气。” ChaCha说,“但它不仅仅是恋人之爱,亲情之爱、友情之爱、对世界和自然的爱、对所做之事的爱,以及对自己的爱,都是保持生活运转的最核心的动力。”



Contributor: David Yen
Images Courtesy of PaulbtRose



供稿人: David Yen

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