taipeilove* 彩虹高挂

April 4, 2018 2018年4月4日



taipeilove* is a documentary from Berlin-based filmmaker Lucie Liu that follows the LGBT movement in Taipei, Taiwan. The film shares the experiences of three individuals and their struggles with traditional expectations from family, religion, culture, and society set against the backdrop of Taiwan’s initiative to legalize same-sex marriage.

在纪录片《taipeilove*》中,柏林电影制片人 Lucie Liu 用镜头记录了台北的同志运动。影片记录了在台湾同性婚姻合法化倡议的背景下,三个人的经历以及他们与传统家庭、宗教、文化和社会间的斗争。

The idea for taipeilove* first came about when Liu visited the Taiwan Pride Parade in 2016. She shares, “I got in touch with a group of Koreans and some Japanese men. Independently from one another, they told me how they would come to the Pride every year and how these visits were the only few days in the year where they could be completely free and open about their sexuality without fearing repression. That was the time I realized how important Taiwan’s fight for marriage equality truly is on a larger scale.”

Lucie 第一次有了拍摄《taipeilove*》的想法是在 2016 年参加台湾骄傲游行(Taiwan Pride Parade)的时候。她回忆道:“我当时认识了一群韩国和日本男同性恋者。他们每个人都跟我说,每年都会来参加骄傲游行,游行的这几天是他们一年中最自由的几天,因为他们可以坦诚地公开自己的性取向,不用压抑自己。那时我才意识到台湾在争取婚姻平等这个问题上的重要性及影响之广。”

In October of 2017, Liu would arrive in Taipei to begin pre-production on the film. She would reach out to members and activists of the local LGBT community to hear their experiences – often encountering stories of pain, abandonment, exclusion, and even of attempted exorcisms. After speaking to dozens of individuals, Liu would be introduced to Sarah, one of the three main protagonists of the film: “Sarah had just come from a long shift as a nurse, but she was full of energy and very open, and this intrigued me. Kevin is one of her friends, and David is his life partner. So we had some long talks and decided to go on this journey together.“

2017 年 10 月,Lucie 抵达台北,开始影片的前期制作。她与当地 LGBT 社区的成员和积极分子联系,听他们讲述自己的经历,这些经历中往往掺杂着痛苦、遗弃、排斥甚至企图驱魔的故事。在与数十人聊过后,有人介绍 Lucie 认识了 Sarah,最终 Sarah 还成为了这部影片中的三大主角之一:“那时候 Sarah 刚刚完成长时间的工作,她是一名护士,但她依然精力充沛,态度也非常坦诚,这一点令我特别感兴趣。Kevin 是她的朋友之一,David 是他的爱人。我们聊了很久,最后决定一起拍这部影片。”

The pre-production of taipeilove* was initially financed by a German foundation, but due to the small amount of financial support provided, the project has since been driven mostly by the hard work and dedication of a small but passionate team of creatives and filmmakers. In addition to financial challenges, the documentary has stirred up strong reactions on social media, including harassment and homophobic messages from strangers. These challenges have only further intensified Liu’s mission to further educate the public about LGBT issues. Liu tells us, “I realized that messages from strangers on the internet as well as in conversations with elderly members of Taiwanese society all share the same thing: fear of change. It takes time, education and dialogue to overcome those fears and arrive in the 21st century, and to realize that same-sex love and marriage equality won’t cause anyone any harm.”

《taipeilove*》的前期制作最初由一家德国的基金会提供资金,但由于提供的资金很有限,主要都还是靠一小群满腔热情的创意团队和电影人在努力支持。除了财务方面的挑战之外,这部纪录片还在社交媒体上引起过强烈反响,收到过来自陌生人的骚扰和恐同留言。但这些挑战只会让 Lucie 更加坚定自己推广 LGBT 问题的使命。Lucie 告诉我们:“不论是互联网上那些陌生人的信息,或是与台湾社会老年人的交谈中,我发现他们都有共同之处:一种对变化的恐惧。我们需要时间、教育和对话来帮助他们克服这些恐惧,去真正进入 21 世纪,去明白同性爱情与婚姻平等,不会对任何人造成任何伤害。”

In 2017, the Constitutional Court of Taiwan ruled that same-sex couples should have the right to marry. Liu tells us, “Taiwan is setting a great example here and I wish for the rest of Asia to follow. My documentary shows that there is hope for progression.” The taipeilove* documentary is currently in post-production and is planned to be made available for educational screenings at universities and NGOs, in addition to being screened at film festivals. If you would like to make a donation to help support post-production funding of taipeilove*, please visit their crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo.

2017 年,台湾宪法法院裁定同性配偶应有权结婚。Lucie 说:“台湾在这里树立了一个很好的榜样,我希望亚洲其它国家也能效仿。我的纪录片也表明,这一切都是希望去取得进步的。”《taipeilove*》纪录片目前正在进行后期制作,除了在电影节上放映外,还计划在大学和非政府组织进行教育放映。如果您想进行捐赠,支持《taipeilove*》的后期制作经费,请访问他们在 Indiegogo 上的众筹活动。