Air-Ink: The Art of Pollution

February 22, 2017 2017年2月22日



American author and inventor Richard Buckminster Fuller once said, “Pollution is merely a resource that isn’t being used properly.” Inspired by his words and the growing need to tackle this colossal environmental issue, Indian startup Graviky Labs had the idea to devise a truly way of repurposing pollution.

美国作家和发明家Richard Buckminster Fuller 曾经说过:“污染仅仅是没有被正确使用的资源。”这句话启发了印度初创公司 Graviky Labs,针对社会对于解决空气污染问题越来越迫切的需求,他们构想设计出一个真正的创意解决方案——将污染物重新利用。

Co-founders Anirudh Sharma, Nikhil Kaushik and Nitesh Kadyan began to prototype a device that could be retrofitted onto the tailpipe of pollution emitting vehicles in 2013. This device, known as KAALINK, was the key to upcycling pollution. Over the course of the next few years, copious amounts of research and development took place in order to detoxify the pollution particles gathered by KAALINK, in turn, creating a consistent and viable ink. The device manages to stop air pollution at the source, without hindering the performance of vehicle engines.

2013年,公司的创始人Anirudh Sharma, Nikhil Kaushik 和 Nitesh Kadyan研发出可以被改装在车辆排气管上的设备原型。这个被称为KAALINK的设备是回收污染废气的关键。在接下来的几年间,他们进行了大量的研究和开发,想办法去除由KAALINK收集的污染颗粒里的有害物质,以制作出品质稳定的油墨。这一设备试图在不影响车辆发动机的性能的前提下,从源头上控制空气污染。

First, KAALINK is retrofitted onto the exhaust of a car, truck, or diesel generator, capturing the outgoing pollutants at the source.


The collected soot then undergoes a series of purification in order to remove heavy metals and carcinogens. The result is a purified carbon-based pigment in powdered form.


Finally, the carbon powdered pigment is processed to create different types of inks and paints.


Around 45 minutes of car emissions equate to 30ml of Air-Ink, which can be safely used. Recently, Graviky Labs partnered with Tiger Beer to introduce Air-Ink to the public. They also enlisted seven Hong Kong-based artists to help introduce this concept of painting with pollution. Air-Ink has been launched on Kickstarter and this series of environmentally savvy inks and paints will soon be readily available to creatives from around the world.

每 45 分钟的汽车废气排放量大约能产生 30 毫升可安全使用的 Air-Ink。最近,Graviky Labs 更与啤酒品牌 Tiger Beer合作,向公众推广Air-Ink。他们还邀请了7名来自香港的艺术家助力推广“用污染物绘画”这一概念。公司已经在众筹网站Kickstarter上推出了Air-Ink,不久之后,世界各地的创意人士们就能用到这一系列的环保油墨和颜料产品。


Contributor: Whitney Ng
Video and Images Courtesy of Emmaneulle Moureaux

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供稿人: Whitney Ng
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