The Charm of Daoxiangcun

September 6, 2015 2015年9月6日

Daoxiangcun is perhaps one of China’s oldest bakeries still in operation. It was first opened in Suzhou in 1773, during the Qing dynasty. It was brought to Beijing soon after, and today the oldest branch is located in Qianmen which has been making pastries since 1895. The bakery has since expanded to over 100 outlets around the city, yet still remains famous and highly regarded for maintaining its traditional taste. The stores are nondescript and easy to miss, as the interiors resemble many typical green and white-trimmed fluorescent-lit supermarkets.

There are over 130 different types of pastries to choose from, some of which are seasonal and some year-round. Circular, square, oblong, and flower-shaped, the pastries have uncommon flavors such as rose, jujube, pumpkin, lotus, and almond. Many of them are sweet and savory with hints of peppercorn and spiced salt. Some of the cakes are beautiful and delicate, while others look more rustic. Daoxiangcun’s recipes have been closely guarded secrets for over 100 years.



Hawberry Biscuit 山楂锅盔

Hawberry Biscuit 山楂锅盔

Green Tea Cake 绿茶饼

Breakfast Biscuit 早餐饼

Black Sesame-Spiced Pastry 黑麻椒盐

Mung Bean Cake 绿豆凸

Matcha Crisp 抹茶酥

Sweet Osmanthus Cake 桂花缸炉

Plum Crisp 乌梅酥

Coconut Butter Cookie 椰丝黄油饼干

Coconut Crisp 椰子酥

Jujube Flower Crisp 枣花酥

Little Red Bean Cake 小豆包

Fresh Rose Cake 鲜花玫瑰饼

Chestnut Crisp 栗蓉酥


Contributor: Jia Li
Photographer: Jia Li

供稿人:Jia Li
摄影师:Jia Li