The Design of Gaga Café

February 28, 2016 2016年2月28日

In Shenzhen, China, it seems that there is no slowing down in the demand for Gaga Café’s brand of quality coffee, good food, and relaxing interiors. Following the success of COORDINATION ASIA‘s previous designs for Gaga, the new café at Wongtee Plaza in Shenzhen adopts a similar sense of style and refinement, but with a bit more punch and geometric boldness.


The café not only entices visitors in from the outside, but it also encourages them to stay and linger for a while. The space has been designed across multiple levels; the walls, floor and ceiling all have unique characteristics and offer an interesting play between lighting and furnishings. One prominent feature is the wooden drop ceiling, which runs across the space from the entrance – in parts transforming into a metal mesh frame that supports hanging planters and a sculptural light volume.


COORDINATION ASIA designer Alberto Caiola explains, “The goal for (Gaga at) Wongtee Plaza was to create an environment that satiated both the energetic lifestyle of its patrons and the café’s delicate, yet delicious food.”

“皇庭分店的主要设计理念是既能满足顾客快节奏的⽣活方式,又能体现咖啡店精致的美⾷。”——协调亚洲的设计师Alberto Caiola解释道。

In order to make a connection with the first two Gaga concepts, COORDINATION ASIA selected a common palette of materials. Green is a featured color that oozes across different surfaces within the space, such as in the plush wall textiles and in hanging planter boxes. Black and white opaque tiles line the café, leading from the entrance to the service counter where tasty treats are beautifully displayed. And just like in the first two Gaga cafés, the use of natural wood creates a warm and relaxing environment for people to stop and recharge.


Furthermore, flexible seating schemes have been devised to help cope with the café’s busiest peak hours, with a variety of different options to cater for groups of all sizes – from small two person tables, high benches to large shared tables. Soft wall textiles have been arranged in an alternating rhythm to break up any sense of modularity and also help soak up unwanted noise, which is often a problem in the design of cafés. The selection of food that Gaga makes is highlighted in both the open display cabinet and the glowing screen of glass, which partially conceal the kitchen and give guests a glimpse into what’s going on behind the scenes.



Contributor: Leon Yan
Photos Courtesy of COORDINATION ASIA



供稿人: Leon Yan

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