The Light Collector

August 22, 2016 2016年8月22日



Shot by Mumbai-based filmmaker Dheerankur Upasak, The Light Collector tells the story of Dilish Parekh, a camera collector from India. In 2003, Parekh officially entered the Guinness Book of Worlds Records for having the largest collection of cameras in the world with an astounding 2,634 cameras. Nowadays, his camera collection has grown to approximately 4,500 cameras, and includes many rare and expensive models like the Leica 250 that’s valued at over $80,000 (USD).

Parekh’s story began in 1970, when his grandfather gifted him with cameras. At the time, many of those gifts were cheap models that cost less than $15 (USD) each. This resulted in Parekh’s lifelong obsession with cameras, and as he grew older, his collection of cameras grew with him. Whenever Parekh traveled through India, he would visit the local markets and add new cameras to his collection. His impressive collection has interested camera aficionados from all over the world, but Parekh has turned down all of their offers, saying, “These cameras are my life, I’m not going to sell them as long as I am alive.”

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Contributor: David Yen