October 27, 2016 2016年10月27日

The Shanghai Museum of Glass Park recently opened The MAZE, a new permanent indoor installation ingeniously and gorgeously constructed of mirrors and lights. Creating the mesmerizing illusion of infinite reflections, the attraction is now open to the public and is ready to be explored. Since its test run earlier this summer, over 12,600 people have visited the installation and have attempted to conquer and get through the life-size maze, which is no easy feat.


The MAZE is made up of numerous pathways of glass for visitors to wander through. With 318 panels constructed with patterned black mirror glass, mirrors, and transparent glass erected inside an area of 575 square meters, the design uses dark and moody lighting to create an illuminated look. Creating a surreal dreamlike world, the mirrors reflect lights and shadows throughout the entire space, making the maze appear infinite. A natural soundscape that changes in different sections of the maze adds even more stimulation for the senses.


Upon entering the site, all visitors receive a game card featuring eight different shapes. The goal is to find the same identical shapes, which are lit up and placed throughout the maze, and stamp the card with an embossing press at its station. Those who are able to collect all eight receive a special certificate when they exit. As each shape is reflected in light in different cubicles spread out throughout the maze, the task is particularly challenging.


From the very inception of the Shanghai Museum of Glass Park, Tilman Thürmer, the head of the award-winning design agency COORDINATION ASIA, has been involved as an art director, designer, and consultant. The Park was founded in 2011 starting with the Shanghai Museum of Glass, and later expanded with the Kids’ Museum of Glass, Rainbow Chapel, and more. What began as simply a love for glass organically grew into an artistic hub and a passion project for Tilman, who later joined the Park’s permanent team as the Vice-President and Design Director. The MAZE is yet another way in which the Park can establish itself as a cultural destination for all those seeking an alternative experience in Shanghai’s design scene. The attraction will be sure to delight any adventurous art lover who is up for a challenge.

从初始的概念到上海玻璃博物馆园区的正式落地,国际一流的设计公司协调亚洲的主管Tilman Thürmer曾作为该项目的艺术总监、设计师和顾问全程参与。最初以“上海玻璃博物馆”定名,于2011年建成,后来扩展出儿童玻璃博物馆,彩虹教堂等空间。这个开始仅以对玻璃材质偏爱的博物馆最终演变成了一个艺术聚集地,备受 Tilman青睐,他在之后加入园区的的固定团队,担任副主席和设计总监职务。玻璃迷宫是园区打造上海设文化中心的另一钟尝试,专为上海喜欢另类设计体验的人群而设。这个有趣的园区定将吸引喜欢冒险和挑战的人群。

Visitors are welcome to visit The MAZE at the Shanghai Museum of Glass Park every Tuesday – Sunday from 9:30am – 5pm. The venue is closed on Mondays. Tickets start at ¥48, and a day pass for every venue of the Park can be purchased for ¥160.


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Baoshan District, Shanghai
People’s Republic of China


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电话: (21) 6618 1970



Contributor: Leon Yan
Images Courtesy of COORDINATION ASIA

供稿人: Leon Yan