The Photography of No. 223

October 10, 2015 2015年10月10日

No. 223 (aka Lin Zhipeng) is a photographer known for his ability to show the volatile, primal energy of China’s younger generation. His work explores topics of love, sexuality, gender, free expression, and consumption within the context of modern China. No. 223 was one of the 12 artists brought together by Gap REMIX Project to reimagine the classic Gap logo in an exclusive collection of graphic tees.

编号223(又名林志鹏)是一个以表达躁动的青春荷尔蒙而被众人所知的中国新生代摄影师。他的作品探寻的正是当代中国最受关注的主题:爱、性、性别、自由。编号223是参与2015年Gap REMIX项目的11位艺术家之一,该项目邀请每位艺术家以各自风格重塑经典的Gap logo,从而打造出一个特别版系列T恤。



The name “No. 223” comes from one of the characters in the classic Hong Kong film Chungking Express. According to No. 223, “Wong Kar-wai is my all-time favorite director. I love his work, and that’s where the name came from. Now most people just call me 223 – some people don’t even know my real name.”


The photography of No. 223 often gives the viewer a voyeuristic look into his life. According to him, “I try to be open and just share everything… my feelings, my insecurities, my experiences, my joys, my pains, my struggles.” Authenticity is key, since all of his images “are an expression of real people and real sensibilities.”

编号223的作品常有一种让别人窥视他生活的观感。他说,“我试着展示所有,和大家分享一切……我所感知的、我的不安全感、我的经历、我的快乐和痛苦、我的挣扎。” 真实才是关键,而他所有的照片“都是对真实的人和内心的一种展现。”

Much of 223’s work captures his friends and the people around him, making him more than just a sideline observer. “When I’m shooting, I’m a participant. I’m in the moment and in the environment together with my subjects.” According to him, “the imagemaking process is a mutual experience.”


No. 223 continues to live and work in Beijing when he is not traveling abroad. He regularly publishes collections of his photographs, which are readily available for purchase on his website.


Instagram: @finger223


Contributors: George Zhi Zhao, Adam J. Schokora, Leon Yan
Photographer: Adam J. Schokora


Instagram: @finger223


供稿人:George Zhi Zhao, Adam J. Schokora, Leon Yan
照片摄影师:Adam J. Schokora