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September 8, 2016 2016年9月8日

The adorable cupcake brand Pantry’s Best boasts two beautifully designed stores in Shanghai: a bite-sized concession in the K11 art mall, and a seated eatery in the basement of the luxury mall L’Avenue. Mark Heutsche, a former computer scientist who finally pursued his life-long passion for baking when he relocated to Beijing, founded the company in 2009. He began by hand-making his grandmother’s pie and cake recipes before delivering the goods by bicycle to his friends around the city, a humble beginning for what has grown into a fully established dessert store and delivery service.

纸杯蛋糕品牌派悦坊,在上海开设有两家精心设计的实体店面:一家是在K11购物中心的玲珑小店,另一家在奢侈品购物中心L’Avenue的地下商场,并提供店内坐席。派悦坊创始人Mark Heutsche,毕业于斯坦福的计算机专业,移居北京后,最终决定追随他一直以来对烘培的热爱,并于2009年成立了自己的品牌。一开始,Mark按照他祖母的派和蛋糕食谱亲自动手制作甜品,然后骑着自行车给北京城里的朋友们送货上门,就以这样简陋的方式开始,他将派悦坊一路发展成如今的甜品店,并拥有成熟的配送。

Nestled into the basement of L’Avenue mall, Pantry’s Best has been sculpted into an unassuming dining area by local firm Lukstudio, offering a clean, casual space for children and adults alike. Characterized by smooth surfaces, creamy textures and curved lines, the store is a delectable replica of each hand-finished cake.


Lukstudio has incorporated a central column into the design, transforming it from an obstacle into a tree-like sculpture that extends from the ground and expands into a ceiling of icing-inspired ripples. The stylised installation is further perforated with peepholes, to give the impression of a woodpecker’s pecks up and down the trunk. The brand’s K11 concession carefully maintains design continuity. It features many branch-like cylinders dangling above the retail display and rows of stump-like plinths standing on the counter to showcase the brand’s signature desserts.

芝作室在店面空间内大立柱的设计上颇费了一番心思,他们将这原本空间中的障碍物,转变成树形的雕塑。这个树形雕塑从地表迸发而出,直立耸入天花板,并在上方“激起”一片糖霜般的“涟漪”;“树干上”嵌着不同的“猫眼 ”,刻意营造出一种有啄木鸟在树干上来来回回啄洞的迹象。而在另一家位于K11购物中心的分店,这种设计概念得到精心的延续。在这里,柜台上方饰有枝叶般的柱形物垂直悬挂,台面上则设有树桩般的基台用于展示品牌的招牌甜点。

Christina Luk founded Lukstudio in Shanghai in 2011, and has worked with her team to create an extensive portfolio. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she later received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Toronto before finally returning back East in 2007. Christina has always been greatly inspired by her artistic and innovative surroundings, particularly in Asia, and Lukstudio’s nuanced design of Pantry’s Best represents the firm’s passion for choosing top quality materials and detailed craftsmanship.





B2/F, 99 Xianxia Road
Changning District, Shanghai
People’s Republic of China


K11 Art Mall
B2/F, 300 Huaihai Middle Road
Xuhui District, Shanghai
People’s Republic of China





中国 上海市 长宁区
仙霞路99号, B2/F



K11 Art Mall
中国 上海市 徐汇区


Contributor: Ruby Weatherall
Photographers: Peter Dixie, Christina Luk

Images Courtesy of Pantry’s Best & LOTAN Architectural Photography

供稿人: Ruby Weatherall
摄影师: Peter Dixie, Christina Luk
图片由提供派悦坊与LOTAN Architectural Photography

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