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September 8, 2015 2015年9月8日

Chen Bingdai (aka d0125) is a photographer based in Hangzhou, China. Although he studied industrial design and despite his photographic work being fairly well-known, Bingdai by day works unassumingly behind a counter as a store clerk.


Four years ago, he accidentally downloaded Instagram and tried out the app. He uploaded a few photos and soon the recognition he got from strangers gave him encouragement to shoot more seriously. In the beginning, he used only an iPod Touch to shoot, then gradually transitioned to using a DSLR camera.

四年前,他偶然间下载了Instagram,试着发了几张照片,来自陌生人的认同给了他很大的鼓励,从此开始慢慢认真拍照。最开始使用的摄影工具仅是一部iPod Touch,而后渐渐过渡到相机拍摄。

Because of technical limitations, Bingdai tended to shoot and edit in a very clean and concise style. Unique lighting, visual simplicity, and a minimalist composition coincidentally resembled the style of Chinese traditional paintings which he was drawn to. This style of shooting would later continue to be an important part of his creative process.


Since ancient times, Hangzhou’s West Lake and its misty scenery has influenced countless poets. Even today it can draw in bustling crowds and attract many a photographer to come capture its gentle beauty. Photographed, it is rather like one of Bingdai’s unique images.


For Bingdai, photography most of the time simply serves as a way “to document places and friends.” His inspiration further comes from the people and things he encounters in his daily life. In the future, he wants to continue to explore his visual style, ways to use light and shadows, and shoot more portraits.


Instagram: @d0125


Contributor: Banny Wang

Instagram: @d0125


供稿人:Banny Wang

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