⚠️ Typhoon Vamco ⚠️ 强台风来袭!

November 24, 2020 2020年11月24日
Photographer Jilson Tiu is selling prints on Alternative Help, which sells art prints with all benefits going towards local relief operations. 摄影师: Jilson Tiu

After being slammed by a major storm the week before the last, the Philippines is still reeling from the aftermath. Typhoon Vamco (called Ulysses in the Philippines) left over 70 people dead and forced 300,000 people to evacuate. The health department is on alert for a post-typhoon outbreak of diseases. The spread of COVID-19 is also a major concern. There’s additionally been about $210 million in infrastructure and agriculture damage.

The storm made direct landfall over Metro Manila, wreaking heavy destruction in Marikina, a city on its east side. Helicopter footage showed an uninterrupted stretch of inundated homes across 90 seconds of flight. According to the mayor, 40,000 houses in the city had been submerged, and they’re still buried in knee-deep mud. Overall it cost Marikina around $620 million.

遭遇超强台风“环高”(Ulysses)的猛烈袭击后,菲律宾至今尚未恢复过来。这次台风过境,造成了当地 70 多人死亡,30 万人流离失所。当地卫生部门正警惕台风过后可能出现的疾病暴发,新冠病毒的传播也令人担忧。这次台风对当地基础设施和农业造成高达 2.1 亿美元的损失。

这场台风直接登陆马尼拉大都会,严重摧毁其东侧城市马里基纳。一段直升机录像显示,在长达 90 秒钟的飞行拍摄中,被淹没房屋连绵不断。当地市长称,该市有 40,000 间房屋被淹没,至今仍埋在膝盖深的泥土中。这场台风中,马里基纳的损失共计约 6.2 亿美元。

Photographer: Jilson Tiu 摄影师: Jilson Tiu
Photographer: Jilson Tiu 摄影师: Jilson Tiu

Marx Fidel drew a comic strip about the experience of being stranded on a roof surrounded by floodwaters in the dark of night. It ends on a dark note, with the final frame based on actual messages sent during the disaster that reads: “It’s already so dark in here. Our neighbors are gone, and I’ve seen floating bodies around. My battery is almost gone too. If this is my last message to you, please always be safe.”

Marx Fidel 画了一幅连环画,讲述在漆黑的夜晚,人们被困于屋顶上,四周被洪水包围的经历。连环画最后有一段文字,来自台风期间发送的一则真实短信,内容为:“四周黑暗一片。邻居都走光了,浮尸遍地。我的手机也快没电了。如果这条短信不幸成为你我最后的通讯,记得好好保重自己。”

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Neighboring provinces were also hit, especially in Rizal, just east of Marikina, where destruction was nearly just as bad. Cagayan Valley, a region at the northern peak of the country, was also hit especially hard after the local dam opened its spill gates at the height of the storm—despite early warnings—releasing a massive deluge of water into the area. More than 11,000 families were evacuated. The region is also one of the country’s main sources of rice.

Guri Guri, also known as baka, created the below illustrated action item list of how to help out. It’s mainly written in Tagalog but the artwork is universal. He designed it in cooperation with Kwago, a non-profit publishing house.

邻近的省份也深受打击,特别是在马里基纳以东的黎刹(Rizal),那里遭受的破坏同样严重。位于菲律宾北部的卡加延河谷(Cagayan Valley),尽管当地早有预警,但由于大坝在台风最猛烈的时候打开了泄洪闸门,输入大量洪水,对当地造成严重打击,超过 11,000 个家庭被疏散。而当地还是菲律宾主要的大米生产地之一。

Guri Guri(又名 baka)创作了系列插画,列出人们可以向外求援的方式。这是他与非营利性出版社 Kwago 合作设计的。虽然清单是用他加禄语写,但艺术无分国界。

Because of the climate crisis, typhoons are stronger and more frequent now. Although the Philippines has one of the world’s lowest rates of carbon emissions per capita, it’s been hit by the three worst storms in Earth’s recorded history.

This was the fourth storm of the month in The Philippines, and just a week earlier, the capital city was narrowly missed by Typhoon Rolly (locally known as Goni), which was regarded as the most powerful storm of 2020. Although Metro Manila was relatively unscathed by Rolly, other parts of the country were still recovering when Vamco hit, and the soil was still saturated so it couldn’t absorb rainwater. Global heating is undeniable, but issues like waste clogged rivers, mining, and deforestation have further exacerbated the flooding.


这已经是菲律宾本月遭受的第四次台风,就在一周前,首都马尼拉才避过了超强台风天鹅(Goni)的袭击。这场台风是 2020 年全球最强烈的台风。尽管马尼拉大都会区逃过一劫,但当台风“环高”袭击时,其他地区仍在恢复中,当地土壤仍处于饱和状态,已经无法吸收更多的雨水。除了全球变暖,被垃圾堵塞的河流、采矿和森林砍伐等问题也进一步加剧了洪水泛滥。

Mikaella Joaquin created this Resiliency / Accountability graphic design to discuss the common complaint that Filipinos are often lauded as resilient people but that their leaders are too infrequently held accountable. Mikaella Joaquin 创作了这幅《韧性/责任感》作品,旨在探讨一个由来已久的问题:即人们常称赞菲律宾人富有韧性,却很少追究当地政府领导人的责任。
Novice Magazine is selling a number of artworks, including this one by Tin Javier. Novice Magazine正在出售多幅艺术作品,包括 Tin Javier的这幅作品。

Before Vamco was even over, local creatives sprung into action. The Filipino artist community, particularly the illustration and design communities, mobilize quickly around causes, using their popularity and skills to help out, and this time it was no different. They used their social media to share disaster hotlines, listing places to send donations, and spreading word of people in need of rescue (who were sometimes stranded on their roofs for 13 hours). To raise funds for victims, a number of artists have been selling paintings and prints, or offering commissions in exchange for donations. Others have been creating work that deals directly with the issues at hand as a means of sparking discussion around government response. This article collects some of our favorites. Please consider purchasing from one of these creatives, or even donating to a cause directly!

台风“环高”尚未结束时,当地创意人士就已经行动起来,利用他们的社交媒体影响力,分享灾难求助热线和捐赠地点,传播需要救援的人们的消息,这些人有的已经被困在屋顶上长达 13 个小时。一直以来,艺术家社区,尤其是插图和设计社区,总是运用他们的影响力和才能来支持各种运动,这次也同样如此。为了给受害者筹集资金,众多艺术家纷纷出售自己的绘画作品,或者提供慈善绘画活动,以换取捐款。还有的艺术家通过自己的创作,讲述当下的社会问题,引发人们的关注和讨论。我们收集了其中一些优秀的作品,欢迎大家踊跃购买,或直接提供捐赠

Artifact Studios is selling risograph-printed postcards designed by Liam Andrew Cura to support Bad Student, a local risograph studio that was flooded in the storm. Artifact Studios 正在 出售 Liam Andrew Cura 设计的 Risograph(孔版印刷)明信片,以支持当地在台风中被洪水淹没的孔版印刷工作室 Bad Student
Bastinoud is accepting commissions in exchange for donations. You can get an illustrated version of yourself, pet, or family member. Bastinoud 提供慈善绘画,以换取捐款。你可以选择画自己、宠物或家人的肖像画。
Abby Banugon is selling her abstract painting Daloy, which she says is an interpretation of the storm itself. Abby Banugon 出售的是她的一幅抽象绘画《Daloy》,画中描画了这场超强台风。
Jo Malinis is selling a font with a design that’s based around the idea of a life vest. Jo Malinis出售的是他以救生衣为灵感设计的字体。
Kurt Lucas, better known as Kurboi, is selling a coloring book. This illustration isn't in it, but we dig it. Kurt Lucas(又名 Kurboi)正在出售一本涂色书。以上是一张他的出色插图作品,但未收录在这本涂色书中。

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