Using Flash at Dusk 光,落在你脸上

March 27, 2019 2019年3月27日
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Flash has the potential to create uniquely balanced photos that blend natural and artificial light. Dusk creates the perfect environment for easily experimenting with this technique. Turn your flash on and learn how you can extend your next shoot past sunset’s golden hour.

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Using Flash/开启闪光

By default, the flash on your camera may not always go off when you want it to. Using VSCO’s camera, you can toggle through four different flash modes to achieve the look you want. For this particular technique, the Flash On mode is all we need, since we want the flash to go off no matter what. Other modes include Automatic, which fires the flash depending on the scene, or Torch, which is a flashlight style approach that is constantly on, making it great for composing in very dim environments.

默认状态下,相机上的闪光灯会自行打开,哪怕有时候你并不希望有闪光。但使用 VSCO 拍照,你可以切换到四种不同的闪光模式,以实现您想要的光效。你只进入“开启闪光”模式,这个设定就会保证闪光灯会随着快门按下而一起闪光。其他模式下,包括让手机自动判断环境光的自动模式、还有持续不断的打光模式,都可以让摄影师在昏暗的环境轻松构图。

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Finding the Light/找到光源

What makes this look so unique is how both the artificial light from the flash and the remaining ambient light in the sky combine to make a balanced exposure. Without the flash, you would have to choose to expose for either the dark foreground, or the brighter sky in the background. Waiting for the right time of day is key to striking this balance and creating a dynamic mix of light.


Image by laurenfrazier / 图片由 laurenfrazier 提供

By waiting for the sun to set, the overall brightness in a scene is greatly reduced, but you’ll also observe that the sky will remain lit for some time. This is dusk, also called ‘blue hour’ for the deep blue color the sky often takes on. Your flash will be strong enough to illuminate your subject, while the rich colors of sky will also continue to shine through.


Composing for Foreground & Background/创作前景和背景

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Your flash is likely only powerful enough to light up your immediate surroundings, or foreground. Secondly, you’ll want to make sure the ambient light from the sky is also part of the background. By composing for both foreground and background, you take full advantage of the multiple sources of light. If your photo feels dim, try moving your foreground subject closer to the flash. Get creative with framing by changing up your perspective or juxtaposing your subject against a plain sky.


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