Void Jungle

November 1, 2016 2016年11月1日



Void Jungle is a meticulously orchestrated audiovisual performance produced by mwva, a collective of Taiwanese digital artists. For Void Jungle, and many of their past projects, mwva has focused on exploring the link between sound and vision. Their work aspires to take digital creations and present them in the physical realm through the use of spatial structures, interactive installations, and in this case, a live performance.


Filmed in a dark industrial space through multiple camera angles, Void Jungle takes the audience on an intense and emotional voyage into an unfamiliar terrain filled with oscillating beams of light and pulsating electronic music. The two mwva artists behind this performance are Han Chengyeh and Chang Funju. Chengyeh’s moody and rhythmic electronic sounds ebb and flow in tandem with the array of computerized lights programmed by Chang Funju, creating an immersive and awe-inspiring experience for viewers. The source code for the programmed lights has been made available by the duo on GitHub for free use.


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Contributor: David Yen
Images Courtesy of Zoso Lai



供稿人: David Yen

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