Vois Sur Ton Chemin

July 13, 2017 2017年7月13日

Freckles on an exposed back, the tinge of red on sun-kissed necks, squinting from the brightness of the afternoon sun – these summery vibes all present themselves in the fashion photography series Vois sur ton chemin by Chinese photographer Leslie Zhang. Translated, the french phrase vois sur ton chemin means “look to your path.” The name of this series is taken from the featured song of the French film The Chorus, a song that originally intended to encapsulate the joys of childhood and the sadness of its fleeting nature, which is the exact mood that Zhang intended to introduce in his photos.

背上的小雀斑,晒到发红的脖子,阳光下睁不开的眼睛,这些带着盛夏故事的照片来自中国摄影师Leslie Zhang今年的时装摄影系列《Vois sur ton chemin》,中文译为遥望你的路途。这也是法国电影《放牛班的春天》中一首法国童谣的歌名,歌词描写了童年的欢乐转瞬即逝的伤感,这也正是Leslie Zhang想要拍摄的意境。

To create Vois sur ton chemin, Leslie worked with stylist Austin Feng to find a suitable 13-year-old-model. The outfits used in the photo series were all from Loewe’s past menswear collections, which were designed by Jonathan Anderson. Outfitting these young kids with luxury fashion was an idea that Zhang conceived. The entire series is based on memories that often arose in his mind – memories of rivers, reeds, and flocks of sheep – which all came from his childhood days when he would visit his grandparents at a small lakeside town during the summer. Subconsciously, these childhood summer days have lent a large influence on his photography and can be seen in much of his work. Scroll down and check out more images from the photo series below.

这组相片中,Leslie Zhang和造型师Austin Feng找来年仅13岁的少年模特。相片中的时装都是出自Jonathan AndersonLoewe品牌设计的往季男装。让少年模特演绎高级时装,也是摄影师Leslie Zhang构思了很久的想法。他记忆中常闪回一些片段,是小时候回到长江边上的小镇,与外公外婆一起度过的暑期时光。在他脑中,江河、芦苇和羊群等自然元素,构成了他对夏天最鲜活的记忆,也默默地影响着他现在的摄影风格。下面和Neocha一起走进Leslie Zhang镜头下的盛夏光年吧。

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Contributor: Ye Zi



Contributor: Ye Zi

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