Water and Ink 我有一幅画,可以慰风尘

August 15, 2018 2018年8月15日

For the artist known as Lost Mountain Man, just a few strokes is all it takes to evoke meandering brooks, learned scholars, or gatherings of old friends.

The artist’s light, elemental brushwork—the antithesis of overwrought illustration and design—combines traditional ink painting with modern sensibilities. Traditional Chinese ink paintings usually leave empty space on the scroll, and Lost Mountain Main, fascinated by eastern aesthetics, uses a understated, gentle, pleasantly flowing technique to add a touch of the mystical.



In most of his works, the artist conveys a certain feeling, one that arises from the dialogue between humans and nature and appears at both the individual and the monumental scale. Watercolor and ink compose and rearrange these subtle relationships, creating an intriguing effect. “Ink and watercolor both involve a play between pigment and water. With practice on the page, with long-term perseverance, you can achieve harmony, coordination, and control. All that remains is the emotion you want to give voice to.”

The landscapes in these works are a reflection of the artist’s own idiosyncrasies. “I’ve always felt I lived in a state of utter loneliness,” he says. “I often reflect on the impermanence of the world and the insignificance of human life. Time passes and stillness persists in the boundless universe above me. And in the contrast between the minuscule and the vast, I find an outlook that teaches humility, that teaches reverence.”



Instagram: @lostmountainman

Contributor: Chen Yuan

Instagram: @lostmountainman

供稿人: Chen Yuan