Woodland Fantasies 月下逐鹿

June 3, 2019 2019年6月3日

In a forest wonderland, nimble fawns, snow-white foxes, and neon shooting stars fill the work of Guihua Huzi, an illustrator from Chongqing whose pen name translates to something like “Scribble Whiskers.” His endearing works draw viewers into each fairytale setting, offering them respite from worldly cares.


Guihua Huzi describes himself as “somebody who lives in a square box in a very ordinary residential building,” and the scenes he depicts on canvas are a way for him to live out his daydreams. “If I could, I’d like to go back to my village, far from the big city, and live a simple everyday life,” he says.

He hopes his art will resonate with viewers and evoke a nostalgia for distant lands and youthful innocence. More importantly, he wants to kindle in them a love and respect for the natural world that we share with other living creatures.


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Contributor: Chen Yuan



Instagram: @sslololss
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供稿人: Chen Yuan

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