Young & Restless 在下

April 18, 2018 2018年4月18日



Today’s Chinese youth have veered away from the country’s conservative roots. They’re breaking through societal expectations in bold, fearless ways to pursue their passions and express themselves.

Our new series, US, spotlights this generation of newly minted freethinkers who are unafraid of questioning tradition and dated ideologies as they reshape the social and cultural fabric of modern China.



From left to right: Lao Wang, Yee Qi, and she who shall not be named / 从左到右: 老王,戚烨,不能说出名字的人

In the first installment of US, we meet up with Lao Wang, an illustrator and tattoo artist; Yee Qi, a member of the K-Note dance crew and the founder of independent fashion brand Yee Quadrant; and a visual artist who, due to personal reasons, we are unable to reveal on screen post factum (her face and voice have been disguised, but her commentary unchanged).

The three Shanghai-based creatives chat with us about what it means to be young in China, the role that music plays in their lives, and their perspectives on love in modern times.

在第一期的《在下》,我们找来插画家和纹身艺术老王、K-Note舞蹈队的成员和独立时尚品牌 Yee Quadrant 创始人戚烨,以及一位视觉艺术家,由于私人原因,不方便在屏幕前露脸(我们对她的面部和声音进行伪装处理,当然,她的评论会保留不变)。


Contributor & Photographer: David Yen
Videographers: Damien Louise, Cheok Lai

供稿人与图片摄影师: David Yen
视频摄影师: Damien Louise, Cheok Lai