Let’s Gap Together




We created two commercials for iconic American clothing brand Gap. The 30-second stop-motion pieces bring to life the brand’s “Let’s Gap Together” campaign manifesto with handcrafted screen-printing and painting treatments on Gap products together with a few other playful props. The English version will run in Hong Kong; the Chinese version will run throughout Mainland China.

The brand manifesto in English reads: “Let’s laugh, cry, kiss, fall in love, run, dance, skate, be free, have fun, cut loose, escape, wear what we want, live the dream, and be ourselves, because it’s a big, beautiful world out there. Let’s live it together.”

我们为美国标志性服装品牌Gap创作了2条广告。在30秒的定格动画中我们用丝网印刷和绘画的方式将 “Let’s Gap Together” 的品牌宣言生动的呈现在Gap的产品及其他配件道具上,英文版被用于香港地区,中文版本被用于中国大陆地区。







Asia Art Collection




We created a psychedelic animation to help promote the release of Vans’ “Asia Art Union / 亚洲艺术联盟” TEE Collection, Summer 2015.

The collection features exclusive designs from seven Chinese artists: Tyakasha, Panda, Du Yan Ai Zi, Dick Ng, Jahan, Cao Zheng, and Keke.

2015年夏天,我们为Vans “Asia Art Union / 亚洲艺术联盟” T恤系列的推出制作了一条定格动画。

我们集合了7位中国艺术家参与其中的设计:Tyakasha、Panda、独眼矮子、 Dick Ng、Jahan、Cao Zheng、Keke。