Store Art Program

adidas Originals

adidas Originals engaged us to execute an art program in some of the brand’s key China market stores. The aim of the program was to introduce local art culture into adidas Original’s retail spaces and reflect the brand’s core values.


For the project, we collaborated with a variety of local artists, including: Veiray, Wang Meng, Nini Sum, Wang Sijia, Huang Yulong, Ding Hao, Dun Xiaoxian, Xiaomi Keke, Coozie, and Shadow Chen to create brand-inspired installations and turned the stores into platforms for self expression, originality, authenticity, creativity, and individuality.

在这个项目中,我们与各店铺所在地的艺术家合作,这其中包括:Veiray、王萌、Nini Sum、王思佳、黄玉龙、丁浩、墩小贤、小米可可、Coozie以及Shadow Chen,他们以品牌精神为灵感所创作出来的装置作品通过店铺这个平台进行展示,以传达一种自我表达、原创、实质、创意以及个性的理念。


Various elements come together to create a unique blue and white 3D collage and a new take on the adidas Originals logo. The piece aims to inspire others to discover their own creative potential.


Nini Sum

What looks like a random collage is actually composed of countless pieces of screen-printed materials stripped apart and meticulously pieced together to create the overall pattern and the adidas trefoil logos. Each piece of material comes from a unique screen-printing art work of Nini Sum’s. The design expresses originality, creativity, and the spirit of perseverance.

看似随意的拼贴实际上是由无数丝网印刷素材组成,这些素材被分割后再精细地重新组合成为一幅具有整体感的图案以及阿迪达斯三叶草logo,每一块材质都来自一幅Nini Sum的丝网印刷作品。该设计传达着原创、创意以及一种毅力。

Wang Meng

Movement, fashion, and culture are three pillars of the adidas Originals brand and capture the ideas expressed in this piece. The inspiration for this design comes from Adolf Adi Dassler’s classic three stripes, which travel above the mountains and clouds to create a world full of color and vibration.

动感、时尚和文化是阿迪达斯三叶草品牌的三大支柱,而这些都被融入这个作品中。该作品让Adolf Adi Dassler的经典三条纹穿行与山海和云雾之中,展现出一个色彩缤纷的精彩世界。

Nini Sum

The inspiration for this piece came from the adidas Superstar shoe. The reflection of the mirror is used to create the symmetry of the adidas Originals trefoil logo and express a sense of liveliness and youth.

这个作品的灵感来自于adidas Superstar的鞋型。利用镜面的反射原理创作出对称的阿迪达斯三叶草的图标,表达了一种活力及年轻的感觉。


Different elements of street culture come together – criss-crossing and interweaving – to pay tribute to the adidas Originals trefoil logo and pass on the spirit of freedom.

将不同的街头文化元素层叠地穿插交错并聚集在一起 ,以表达对阿迪达斯三叶草logo的一种传承。

Shadow Chen

An imaginary island landscape where adidas Originals footwear and trefoil logo melt in and out of existence as colorful liquid forms, featuring patterns and textures unique to the brand’s footwear soles.



A colorful visual interpretation of windblown clouds that features the adidas Originals trefoil logo among other ‘set-of-3′ line forms and geometric shapes. The composition conveys a positive, uplifting energy.


Huang Yulong

Huang Yulong creates classic hip hop sculpture to pay homage to the adidas Originals brand and its spirit of creative expression.

黄玉龙创作的经典的嘻哈雕塑以致敬adidas Originals品牌及其原创精神。

Shanghai Salvaged

Hyatt Andaz

For Hyatt ANDAZ in Shanghai, we designed and produced a sofa bench entirely out of recycled / second-hand wood titled “Shanghai Salvaged.” To make this environmental-friendly piece come to life, we collected scrap wood from different locations throughout Shanghai – old doors, window frames, tables, dressers, chairs, construction walls, etc…all stuff that otherwise would’ve been thrown away. The piece sits in the lobby of the hotel, right next to the main entrance.


Free Run +2 City Pack – Shanghai




Five cities are represented in the release of Nike Running’s Free Run +2 CITY PACK: New York City, London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, and Shanghai. The different colorways are based on iconic colors from the respective cities. Deep burgundy represents the tiled rooftops of traditional architecture dotting the Shanghai skyline; pine green captures Rio de Janeiro’s grit and flair; anthracite’s starkness is quintessentially New York; black channels Tokyo street style; while London’s version arrives in a gentlemanly khaki.

For the Shanghai release, we created a video featuring a night run by two local athletes whose routes take them through the juxtaposed ‘old vs. new’ dichotomy that makes up modern Shanghai. We present the video in black and white, with a color desaturation effect to bring out the deep burgundy colorway of the Shanghai edition shoes. We intercut GPS map-tracer motion graphics that track the runners as they make their way through the city, crisscrossing each other and finally ending their run at the South Bund riverfront.

Nike跑步系列发布了以这5个代表地:纽约、伦敦、东京、里约热内卢和上海为主题的Free Run +2 城市系列。配色上更是融入了每个城市的地方特色。深酒红色代表的上海,松绿色象征着里约热内卢,煤灰色代表美国纽约,黑色代表具有街头风格的东京;而代表着绅士的卡其色则是英国伦敦。


Nike Free Run +2 City Pack: Shanghai, New York, London, Rio De Janeiro, & Tokyo

Nike Free Run +2 City Pack: Shanghai

Festival Collection

adidas Originals



For adidas Originals’ Festival Collection, we created a print campaign and a short film. The key visuals captured celebrity brand ambassadors Fan Bingbing, Eason Chan, JJ Lin, and Charlene Choi in raw, authentic urban environments true to the street-fashion spirit of the brand. The film was shot in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Beijing with a creative treatment and script that playfully combines the four celebrities. The piece reminds us that the festival season is a time to stop and think about the ones who matter most to us, how far we’ve come in the past year, where we’re going next year, and to no matter what, always be true to ourselves along the way.

We also created a short teaser to showcase the Festival Collection’s footwear line.

The print campaign was leveraged nationwide in retail, digital, OOH, and print media, with the film being broadcast digitally and in select retail / OOH locations.

For the key visuals, we collaborated with Los Angeles / Shanghai-based photographer Ben Miller and Beijing-based photographer Chen Man.

我们为adidas Originals新年系列创作了平面硬广及短片内容。这次的主视觉真实展现了其品牌代言人范冰冰,陈奕迅,林俊杰和蔡卓妍的形象,在真实的城市场景中还原品牌的街头时尚精神。短片以一个富有创意性的表达方式让四位艺人分别穿行于香港,台湾和北京城中最具代表性的场景中。这个作品希望提醒我们在节日季来临之时,应该想想谁才是对自己最重要的人,过去的一年都有什么收获,新的一年又有何期许,不论如何,还是应该忠于真我始终如一。


平面硬广被广泛运用于其全国零售店铺,网络,户外和平面媒体的广告栏,与此同时,短片也在指定店铺 / 户外播放。

我们与来自于洛杉矶和上海之间的摄影师Ben Miller以及北京摄影师陈漫共同合作完成了这一季的平面主视觉。

Fan Bingbing / 范冰冰

Eason Chan / 陈奕迅

Charlene Choi / 蔡卓妍

J.J. Lin / 林俊杰

Festival Footwear Collection Teaser



“Rethink” Installation




In the early stages of LEE’s Rethink denim jean production process, recycled coffee grounds are used as fiber to reduce environmental impact. LEE engaged us to create a retail installation to visualize its sustainable approach and challenge consumers to Rethink the denim making process. For the installation, we created a sculpture using raw materials from LEE Rethink’s process. The sculpture is made up of over 5,000 balls of all-natural raw cotton, 200 spools of cotton thread, 50 bags of coffee beans and recycled coffee grounds, and 20 articles of LEE Rethink denim products.


在LEE的Rethink (想未来) 丹宁系列的制作初期用回收咖啡渣来生产面料的创新低碳可持续观念来减少对环境的污染。LEE希望通过这样的方式向都市年轻人诠释Rethink (想未来) 主张,喊出可持续宣言。在这个装置中,我们重现了LEE的Rethink (想未来)的整个演变过程,雕塑通过5000个纯天然棉球,200卷棉线,50包回收的咖啡豆和咖啡渣及20条Rethink (想未来) 系列的丹宁产品。


The sculpture’s unibody, “mobius strip”-like form beautifully reveals the interconnected nature of the materials in each step of LEE Rethink’s eco-friendly, sustainable denim-making process. The sculpture hangs in LEE’s Shanghai flagship store on Nanjing West Rd. If you are passing by, be sure to check it out.


Season Collection Lookbook


We created bold, colorful lookbook imagery for D:Fuse to showcase the brand’s 2015 Spring / Summer high-heel collection. The images were shot by agency founder and creative director Adam Schokora, and feature model, actress, fashion blogger Edie Tao. In addition, we created a fun behind-the scenes / making-of-film capturing the shoot.

我们为D:Fuse2015春夏高跟鞋系列创作了一套前卫且色彩鲜亮的图片lookbook。该系列由时尚博主兼个性模特的桃巫奇出镜,由本机构的创始人兼创意总监的Adam Schokora亲自掌镜。另外,我们也制作了一条精短的幕后花絮短片。

Behind the Scenes



Eason Chan’s City Adventure

adidas Originals



We created a short film and print campaign with Eason Chan to help support the promotion of adidas Originals Fall / Winter “City Pack” apparel and footwear drops.

In the film, Eason tells a story of his “City Adventure,” reminding us that, while getting swept up in the pace and energy of urban life, we need to remember to explore our surroundings and push the boundaries of adventure and risk taking within ourselves. Behind every corner are the experiences, the possibilities, and the excitement that we all crave. The city is an adventure. Step out fresh. Be bold and fearless. Make your mark.

我们与陈奕迅合作为配合adidas Originals Fall / Winter “City Pack”产品系列的上市创作了一条短片及硬广系列。


Flagship Store Art Program


We created an interior art treatment for Starbucks’ flagship store in Shanghai. The store is located on Huahai Rd., and as such, we developed a creative theme that celebrated the rich history and culture of the renowned street: “The Huahai Life.” For the project, we curated and collaborated with seven local Shanghai-based artists to interpret the theme in their own unique ways across multiple-panel canvas installations throughout the store. See the artwork and the stories behind each installation below.


Sally Zou

Creative Inspiration: Sipping a cup of coffee, eyes crawling along the lines of a novel, a young girl suddenly finds herself traveling through the history of Huaihai Road, to the library of Jiaotong University’s Nautical School from a time past.



Creative Inspiration: Sunny afternoon street scene unfold to reveal bustling pedestrians, classical architecture, and lush greenery on Huaihai Road. The mood is smooth and comfortable like a summer jazz melody.


Nini Sum

Creative Inspiration: Sometimes when we walk down Huaihai Road, our footsteps become faster and faster. We’re always in such a hurry. But there’s much to learn from those who are just strolling and taking in the moment, never in a rush.


Wang Meng

Creative Inspiration: Huaihai Road is a blend of China and the rest of the world, with cosmopolitan storefronts and timeworn alleyways. A single wall separates the hustle and bustle of the street from the historical Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


Shadow Chen

Creative Inspiration: Street signs create the rules of city life. They tell people to stop, to cross, to slow down, to intersect. Underneath these signs on Huaihai Road are the spaces in which people flow, where they change, create, and experience new feelings and connections.



Creative Inspiration: You can spot people of all different shapes and sizes on Huaihai Road. Men and women, young and old, people from all corners of the globe. This is where they come to meet. You might call it destiny, or maybe it’s just the charm of the area.


Xu Jing

Creative Inspiration: On a certain stretch of Huaihai Road lies an enchanted place called Xintiandi, where moment by moment strangers take a chance to become acquaintances, friends, or perhaps even lovers.


Limited Edition Snowboard Design


We collaborated with Foshan-based street artist and painter Hua Tunan to create a limited-edition woman’s snowboard design for Burton’s “Lipstick” series. The deck design features a powerful and beautiful peacock done in Hua Tunan’s signature splash and drip painting style.

我们与佛山街头艺术家 / 画家画图男共同合作为Burton(伯顿)女款滑雪板设计了 “Lipstick” 限量版系列。雪板上的水墨孔雀带着张力和溅墨有着画图男一贯的画风。

Shadow Art




We created a light sculpture / shadow art installation for L’Oreal’s Men Expert face wash ”Dare / 敢” campaign. The installation was created by repurposing 300 packages of the product into a hanging 3D sculpture that, when light cast on it, rendered a “敢” (the Chinese character for “dare”) shadow on a studio wall.

This is the first time (and to our knowledge, still the only time) this art technique has been used to produce a Chinese character. A daring task indeed, and we had a ton of fun pulling it together. We spent about two weeks pre-designing and testing the technique, and 12 hours installing the sculpture.








Sculpture Details