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Let’s Gap Together




We created two commercials for iconic American clothing brand Gap. The 30-second stop-motion pieces bring to life the brand’s “Let’s Gap Together” campaign manifesto with handcrafted screen-printing and painting treatments on Gap products together with a few other playful props. The English version will run in Hong Kong; the Chinese version will run throughout Mainland China.

The brand manifesto in English reads: “Let’s laugh, cry, kiss, fall in love, run, dance, skate, be free, have fun, cut loose, escape, wear what we want, live the dream, and be ourselves, because it’s a big, beautiful world out there. Let’s live it together.”

我们为美国标志性服装品牌Gap创作了2条广告。在30秒的定格动画中我们用丝网印刷和绘画的方式将 “Let’s Gap Together” 的品牌宣言生动的呈现在Gap的产品及其他配件道具上,英文版被用于香港地区,中文版本被用于中国大陆地区。







Campaign Magazine


We designed the brand magazine for Gap’s “Let’s Gap Together” campaign for greater China. The magazine helps tell the brand’s rich culture and heritage in a market it’s new to. The layouts were done in both Chinese and English language. The final brand magazine was distributed throughout Hong Kong (English version) and mainland China (Chinese version).

我们为Gap品牌在大中华区的“Let’s Gap Together”活动设计了其品牌杂志。该杂志协助其在新的市场中展示自身品牌的文化和传承。平面设计被分为中英文两版,英文版被用于香港市场,中文版则用于中国大陆。