A Body of Portraits

March 13, 2017 2017年3月13日

When Jing Jin is not hand painting greeting cards or making larger than life blueberry bagels, she’s capturing portraits that are immersive and intimate. She likens the human body to landscape – “I like making images that look at the alienness of something that is so intrinsically us.”

Jing Jin不是在手绘贺卡或制作巨型蓝莓百吉饼时,她就是在用镜头近距离捕捉引人入胜的人像作品。 她将人体比作风景——“我喜欢描画出属于我们内心,但却让我们感到陌生的一面。”

Many of her portraits focus on the intricacies of female relationships; she enjoys capturing their various facets that are both powerful and delicate. These aspects of solidarity, nurturing, sisterhood, rivalry and jealousy as well as the process of growing into each other and growing against each other all resonate through her images. Originally from Hong Kong and now based in Shanghai, Jing is currently working on a photo series that encaptures the city’s transient inhabitants. “People are always coming and going in Shanghai; it’s rare to meet someone who stays here for the long haul. I want to make portraits that show a strong contrast between their ephemeral presence and this city’s permanency.”

女性关系是她的人像摄影作品的重要主题; 她喜欢捕捉女性既强大又柔弱的不同面。 她的照片让人们看到女性的团结、母爱、姐妹情、竞争和嫉妒, 以及她们不断相互亲近和疏远对方的过程。来自香港的 Jing Jin 现居上海,在她的最新摄影项目中,她希望用镜头捕捉这座城市形色 匆匆的过客。“在上海,人们总是来来去去, 很少会见到有人在这里生活很长的一段时间。我想通过影像记录这些 来去匆匆的模样与这个恒久之城的强烈反差。”



Contributor: Whitney Ng



供稿人: Whitney Ng

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