Shanghai Love Notes

June 12, 2017 2017年6月12日

“When I first came to Shanghai, I didn’t like it very much,” says Gabby Gabriel, the founder of Shanghai Love Notes, who describes the photo series as a passion project. “The city seemed cold and there were a lot of things that I saw that didn’t sit right with me. Looking back now, I can say that Shanghai changed me. It taught me to look for goodness, kindness, and happiness amongst the mundane. Shanghai Love Notes reminds me of how I can find ‘love’ anywhere, just by looking a little closer.” Now, Gabriel finds great enjoyment in roaming the streets of Shanghai with a camera in hand, waiting for that moment of inspiration.

“刚开始来上海的时候,我并不太喜欢这座城市,感觉它就是一座很冷漠的城市,有很多让我难以接受和理解的事情。现在回过头来看,我可以说上海改变了我。 它教会我在平凡中发现好意、善良和幸福。‘Shanghai Love Notes’(上海爱情笔记)这个项目提醒着我,无论身在哪里,只要再走近一些,你总是能发现‘爱’的。“Shanghai Love Notes网站的创始人Gabby Gabriel认为,这是一个关于充满热情的项目。她喜欢漫游于上海的街道,拿着相机,等待捕捉灵感闪现的一刻。

Gabriel initially began making “love notes” from an app that simulated typewriter font. These creations eventually led her to couple typewritten poetry with images that she snapped while venturing throughout Shanghai. “Behind each ‘love note’ is a life moment that I feel compelled to share. Shanghai is my home now and I want nothing more than to tell its story.”

最初,Gabriel只是在一个模拟打字机字体的应用程序上创作“爱情笔记”,慢慢地, 她开始将自己创作的诗句与她在上海街头拍摄的影像结合起来。“在每一句‘爱情笔记’背后,都是生活中某个我想要分享的时刻。现在,我已经把上海当作是我的家,我只想讲述关于这座城市的故事。“


Contributor: Whitney Ng



供稿人: Whitney Ng

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