Basement 6 Collective

August 20, 2015 2015年8月20日

The Basement 6 Collective is a local group of artists in Shanghai who have come together to create and host various small exhibitions and community events. They support the collective themselves, which has given them the freedom to be more prolific and experimental.


Katy Roseland, one of the founders of Basement 6 Collective, says that it was very important for them that the space was open and that everyone could participate “whether for their first exhibition, an experiment, or a late-night dancing session.”

创始人之一的Katy Roseland说:“有这么一个空间提供给大家,无论是他们的第一个展览、第一次实验还是一个地下舞会,只要参与进来,对我们来说都很重要。”

The space regularly hosts a wide range of events. Some are more standard, like film screenings, art exhibitions and performances, while other events are more unique. Once there was an international Skype water balloon fight, and another time an artist borrowed objects from the space to make a cityscape installation on the ceiling. On a different occasion, an artist installed sod that covered the floor of the basement. They also once held a birthday party involving 10,000 colored pom-poms, which they put into a coffin for people to play in.


For Anneliese Charek, the other co-founder of Basement 6 Collective, one of her favorite events was one of the first they ever organized. It was a two-part event, in which the artists turned one of the basement rooms into a large-scale camera, and participants held strips of film around their necks and a sudden flash created the photos. Later on, the images were exhibited in the space.

B6C的另一个创始人Anneliese Charek说,她说自己最喜欢的一个活动是在B6C举办过的第一个演出。这个演出分为两部分,第一部分的内容是艺术家把B6C里的一个房间变成一台相机,参与者们都在脖子上围着一条胶片然后被突然抓拍,这些被抓拍的照片在第二部分放在B6C的空间里变成一个展览呈现出来。

Late last year when Basement 6 lost their old space, Katy and Anneliese soon learned that it was actually better for them to function as a community that didn’t need a physical base. “If Basement 6 could exist as a floating hub, in your pocket, in the holes of your socks, then it can’t be shut down,” says Katy.

去年,B6C因为种种原因失去了原来的空间,那之后Katy和Anneliese意识到,只有社区功能更加强大后B6C才不会过多依赖于实体空间。“如果B6C变成一个浮动的平台,甚至可以随身携带,那它就永远不可能关掉。” Katy如是说。

Now the Basement 6 Collective is based in an underground community space in Shanghai’s Changning district. Their neighbors in the basement include Uptown Records, the Idlebeats Print Club, and the studios of some independent artists.


Anneliese says that it all started as an experiment. “We told ourselves in the very beginning we could try it in the short term, so we were less afraid to try. It started to change when we began inviting more guest artists, and we would let them have the whole space for a short period of time to do whatever they wanted. Being a place for artists to experiment has made us what we are.”


115 Pingwu Road (near Xingfu Road)
Changning District, Shanghai
People’s Republic of China

中国 上海市长宁区


Contributor & Photographer: Leon Yan

拱稿人与摄影师:Leon Yan

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