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August 24, 2015 2015年8月24日

IdleBeats is the artist duo of Nini Sum and Gregor Koerting. The pair have been in Shanghai since 2009, functioning as a print art studio and focusing on the creation of original screenprinted art, installation art, music posters, and brand crossover projects. The talented duo have become well-known within the Shanghai creative circles and beyond, for their psychedelic and distinctive visual style.

IdleBeats是一个双人艺术组合,两位成员是中国艺术家Nini Sum和德国艺术家Gregor Koerting。自从2009年成立以来,IdleBeats一直活跃在原创的丝网印刷艺术、装置艺术、音乐海报艺术和品牌跨界合作等活动中。

In addition to being printmakers, Nini and Gregor also create illustrations, album artwork, oil paintings, comic books, sculptures, and experimental work. They have made posters for musicians and bands like Motorhead, Melvins, and Handsome Furs, and have participated in exhibitions and art fairs around the world.

除了制作丝网印刷,Nini和Gregor也创作一些插画、油画、漫画、雕塑和其他实验性项目。他们为Motorhead, Melvins和Handsome Furs等乐队的演出制作海报,也会参加世界各地的创意集市展示他们的作品。

After six years, they have now opened the all new IdleBeats Print Club, a local community-based screenprinting service offshoot of IdleBeats. Hosted by Gregor Koerting, Wilhelm Lang and Nini Sum, the purpose of the print club is to provide screenprint lovers in Shanghai a place to work on their own projects at low cost. The club encourages learning about printmaking, the free exchange of creative ideas, and open dialogue with other artists within the community.

IdleBeats在创意届活跃了6年,他们又开了一个IdleBeats丝网印刷俱乐部。全新的俱乐部由Gregor Koerting,Wilhelm Lang和Nini Sum共同创立,为丝网印刷爱好者提供服务,他们可以在这里用较低的价格完成自己的艺术项目。IdleBeats丝网印刷俱乐部给艺术群体提供了一个学习印刷技术、交流创意想法的平台。

In addition to regular workshops on the weekends, the IdleBeats Print Club also offers memberships, tee shirt & tote printing services, door-to-door workshops, and live printing events. With a newly installed six-head color wheel, it’s easy for members to print a batch of five-color shirts or three-color gig posters.


The IdleBeats Print Club is located in an underground complex that also houses the Basement 6 Collective and Uptown Records. Together this underground art community will generate more energy and inspiring ideas. With these like-minded partners, the goal is to turn this underground space into an exciting hub of true creativity in Shanghai.

IdleBeats丝网印刷俱乐部和Basement 6、Uptown唱片店一样,都位于平武路115号的地下室,这些志同道合的朋友们聚在一起,为上海的创意文化集结了一股强大的地下文化力量。

The opening event for the Idlebeats Print Club this past July was the first event ever co-hosted by IdleBeats, Uptown Records, and Basement 6. Many friends and print lovers came out for the opening that night and enjoyed music performances from Mau Mau and Gooooose. While some people were busy making screenprints with IdleBeats, others participated in Basement 6’s “Drink and Draw”.

7月的开幕派对是IdleBeats丝网印刷俱乐部、Basement 6和Uptown唱片共同店举办的第一个活动。艺术爱好者们齐聚一堂,有些聚集在IdleBeats的工作室,有些则在Basement6的空间交谈。

The IdleBeats Print Club is now open to everyone, including artists, designers, musicians, indie brand owners, and students. With help from the IdleBeats team, you can easily learn how to print your own designs on tees, tote bags, or poster paper in just a single workshop session. For those who already know a bit about screenprinting, a membership to the Print Club is a smart choice to print more freely and affordably.


115 Pingwu Road (near Xingfu Road)
Changning District, Shanghai
People’s Republic of China

Hours: Tuesday~Sunday, noon~8pm
(Open for members and print purchasing)



Contributor & Photographer: Leon Yan

中国 上海市长宁区


营业时间: 周二至周日,中午至晚上8点



拱稿人与摄影师: Leon Yan

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