Breaking the Rule of Thirds 完美构图:摄影中的三分法

January 30, 2019 2019年1月30日
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The rule of thirds equally divides a frame with two horizontal and two vertical lines. The resulting overlay is used for composing and arranging subjects within the image. This technique is helpful for creating images that guide viewers through various parts of the image, but it is by no means a rule of law.

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Break the Rules / 打破规则

Breaking the rules and finding the exceptions can be a great process for discovering new looks that stand out from the crowd. Here are a few ways you can reframe your image without using the rule of thirds.


1 — Align Center /  对齐中心

Image by nickspector / 图片由 nickspector 提供

Rather than using guides that split the frame into thirds, try using one line along each axis to create a single intersection point at the very center of the frame. This creates a much more symmetrical layout, especially when used with square images.

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2 — Work the Edges / 运用边角

Image by jstn / 图片由 jstn 提供

By turning your attention to the edges of the frame, you can create unique compositions that diverge from more traditional approaches. This also tends to create areas of negative space within the image, which itself can turn into a creative tool. Try this if you want to experiment with a more minimal look.

Image by clairekeeley / 图片由 clairekeeley 提供

3 — Fill the Frame / 填满画面

Image by ohconnor / 图片由 ohconnor 提供

Stretching subjects across the entire frame is another way of breaking free of the rule of thirds. If you have a subject that repeats a pattern, or if you’re wanting to abstract a subject by getting in close, try allowing it to fill the image from edge to edge. This creates a singular visual plane that forces the viewer to seek out points of reference.

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