Editing with Warmth 正当阳光灿烂时

June 12, 2019 2019年6月12日
Before → After / KP8 / Warmth +2.0 / Exposure +1.2

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Film X presets offer unique control over the look and feel of your images. In addition to authentically reproducing vintage films, the extra flexibility of Character and Warmth sliders allow you to create entirely new expressions of these iconic looks. Learn about Warmth and how you can use it to add a natural glow to any image.

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Film X 预设滤镜让你可以掌控照片的外观和气氛。除了重现胶片的复古风格,利用其他工具如字符(Character)和温暖(Warmth),提供你创建全新表现的选择。了解更多关于温暖工具,以及如何利用它在照片中注入一股自然光泽。

Find a Film X preset by looking for the white tiles in your preset dock.

To access the Warmth slider, tap the Film X preset you have selected a second time.

在滤镜库里找到有白色背景的选项,就是 Film X 系列。

再次点击 Film X,就可以找到色温(Warmth)工具。

Increasing Warmth gradually shifts the tones in the image toward yellow and orange. This is great for enhancing the feel of a sunny outdoor shot or for balancing out a photo that just feels a little too cold or blue.


FS4 / Warmth +2.0 / Exposure +0.5 / Shadows +3.5 FS4 / 温度 +2.0 / 曝光 +0.5 / 阴影 +3.5
FS4 Fuji Superia 400 / KP8 / Kodak Portra 800 / KG2 Kodak Gold 200

These Film X presets naturally enhance warm tones, making them good starting points if you’re not sure which preset to try first. Even if your favorite preset is cooler feeling, like FP8 below, you can still experiment with new and different variations by adding a touch of Warmth.

Film X 系列预设为暖色调滤镜,如果你在选择滤镜时不知从何下手,它可以是一个很好的尝试起点。即使你最喜欢的滤镜有冷色调的感觉,例如下面的 FP8,你依然能借着将温暖增强,可以实验比较一下。

FP8 / Warmth +4.0 FP8 / 色温 +4.0
KG2 / Warmth +3.0 / Exposure +2.0 / Highlights +12.0 KG2 / 色温 +3.0 / 曝光 +2.0 / 高光 +12.0