Editing with FN16 没有色彩的美

March 6, 2019 2019年3月6日

This story is part of a content partnership and media exchange between Neocha and VSCO. Their membership program, VSCO X, is designed to help you reach your creative potential. Take the next step in your creative journey by starting your free 7-day VSCO X trial today and gain access to the complete VSCO preset library, the newest editing tools, and inspiring educational content.

The FN16 (Fuji Neopan 1600) preset is one of the Film X entitlements included with VSCO Membership. This black and white preset excels in a number of situations and is known for its high contrast and bright appearance. Below we will look at a few tips to get the most out of this preset and see inspiration from the community and how they have used it to edit their photos.

本篇文章来自新茶媒体合作伙伴 VSCO 的内容交换。VSCO X 是一个专门帮助摄影爱好者发挥创造潜力的会员项目。现在就开启你的 7 天免费 VSCO X 试用创意之旅,即可获得的 130+ 预设滤镜,以及新的编辑工具、视频编辑和教程内容。

FN16(富士 Neopan 1600)预置是 Film X 其中的一种,包含于 VSCO 会员套餐内。这种黑白预置以其高对比度和明亮的外观而著称,在许多情况下应用都显得非常出色。下面我们将介绍一些小贴士来充分利用这个预置,看看 VSCO 用户的灵感,以及他们是如何使用这项预设编辑照片的。

Before / 修前
After / 修后

Tip 1: Character

Adjust the Character slider to the left to create faded tones and to the right to create a brighter and more vivid edit. The Character tool is designed specifically for Film X presets and simulates how film behaves when over or underexposed.

小技巧 1:字符

调整字符滑块到左边创造褪色的音调和右边创造一个更光明和更生动的编辑。角色工具是专门为 Flim X 预设而设计的,用于模拟电影在过度曝光或曝光不足时的模样。

Before / 修前
After / 修后

Tip 2: Shadows

With the increase of Character to +6, added contrast is applied to the image. The use of the shadows tool then helps recover detail lost in the darker parts of the image, helping to create a well-balanced scene.

小技巧 2:阴影

字符增加到 +6 之后,图像也增加了对比度。使用阴影工具,帮助在较黑暗的部分丢失的细节形象,帮助创造一个平衡的场景。

Before / 修前
After / 修后

Tip 3: Exposure

Try increasing the exposure to create a more interesting scene where unnecessary details fade into the bright image, drawing attention to the main subject in the scene.

小技巧 3:曝光


Image by fcatapano / 图片由 fcatapano 提供
Image by willemdouven / 图片由 willemdouven 提供
Image by dinasorkmo / 图片由 dinasorkmo 提供

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