Summer Swim 夏日池畔絮语

June 5, 2019 2019年6月5日
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Going for a swim in the heat of summer can bring back as many memories as it creates. Capture the feeling of a hot day at the beach or pool with some creative editing tips and inspiration for the next time you get your feet wet.

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Try low key black & white


Bright, sunny days often create harsh, contrasty shadows. Take advantage of the light by trying a low key black-and-white look. Monochrome presets can help emphasize compositions with deep shadows and bright highlights.




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Start by intentionally underexposing your shot. You can do this during capture by tapping the brightest highlight area or afterward by reducing it with the Exposure tool. Use the Highlights tool to bring back any areas of extreme brightness, and experiment with different levels of Contrast. For presets, we like starting with B4 or FN16.

首先,为了制造曝光不足的环境,在拍摄时你可以点击荧幕上最亮的区域,或是拍摄后再使用曝光(Exposure)工具去调整。编辑时使用高光(Highlights)工具去修复极端亮度的部分,并实验不同等级的对比度(Contrast)。关于滤镜预设包,我们推荐 B4 或是 FN16。

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Find the details


Waves, ripples, and sand are great subjects to explore in detail. Try creating abstract compositions, or just keep an eye out for those subtle close up shots.




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Live in the moment


Keep your camera out, even if you’re caught up in the action yourself—getting those magic moments with friends and family will often create your most memorable photos. If you’re rushing to capture a unique moment, just focus on hitting the button—you can always edit later.




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