Firefly Studio

March 16, 2016 2016年3月16日

We live in an era of instant gratification and mass production, where large retail conglomerates and corporations like IKEA and Walmart have secured themselves as an essential part of all our lives. Every household is a perfect example: living rooms and bedrooms alike are filled with generic factory-produced furniture and accessories. While undeniably convenient and low-cost, these products lack a sense of craftsmanship and personality. However, there still exists places that offers products with more human ingenuity.

在講求即時滿足感和大規模生產的時代,像宜家和沃爾瑪這樣的大型零售集團已成為我們生活中不可或缺的一部分。幾乎每一個家庭都是一個完美的例子,客廳和臥室都裝滿了工廠量產的傢俱及配件。雖然不可否認它們的便捷低廉,但這些產品卻缺少工藝和個性。儘管如此, 對於那些尋求更具創意和人文因素的產品的人們來說,仍有處可去。

Firefly Studio is one of those places. Tucked away in Taipei’s Da’an district, it’s a boutique that only sells customized lights. The small storefront has a horizontal window facing the street that displays a few of the more recent creations. At the same time, a warm inviting glow seeps from the ornate wooden door, beckoning passersby into the store. Upon entering, visitors will most likely find the owner hunched over his desk, engrossed with one of his new creations, tinkering away.

火金姑工作室就是其中的一個地方。它隱藏在臺北的大安區,是一家只銷售定製燈具的精品店。小店臨街的橫窗裏展示了楊先生最近的一些創作。同時,一簇溫馨誘人的光芒從華麗的木門溢出, 好似在招呼路人進店。進入店內,映入眼簾的很可能是楊先生伏案桌前正全神貫注擺弄著他新作的一幕。

The owner is the affable and down-to-earth Yang Kun Jin, a man who’s endlessly fascinated by lights and all things light-related. All of the lights being sold in the shop have been personally customized by him. Mr. Yang has created an extensive collection of ingeniously unorthodox lights through his meticulous approach of reconstructing discarded components, which he combines with an ever-growing collection of unexpected objects. His large stockpile of unusual curios ranges from vintage microscopes to camera tripods. Even various musical instruments like saxophones and trumpets can be spotted around the shop.


The inspiration for the name, Firefly Studio, is evident straight away. Countless lights, scattered throughout, illuminates the store in a soothing amber glow, like fireflies in the night. Chandeliers, lamps, pendant lights, and a multitude of other types of eccentric light fixtures fills out the space. Some dangle overhead, others occupy vacant spots on tabletops, and more are strewn about the room in what can be best described as organized chaos; the seemingly random arrangement feels exquisitely deliberate at the same time.


Mr Yang’s creations have garnered praise from all over the globe, tourists and locals alike regularly visit the store. Many customers from abroad that visit the boutique will often end up purchasing something and have it shipped back home. But browsing through the shop, it is all too easy to forget that you are in a store. There are no price tags on any of the items and no pushy up-selling salesmen. The atmosphere in the space is closer to that of an intimate art gallery rather than a typical store, offering consumers a much-needed refreshing change of pace. This place is definitely one worth checking out the next time you’re in Taipei.


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Contributor & Photographer: David Yen

臉書: ~/火金姑工作室


供稿人與攝影師: David Yen