Hand of Paradox

December 8, 2015 2015年12月8日



Hand of Paradox is a new pair of prints from Chinese artist Nini Sum’s Yin Yang silkscreen series. Nini is one half of the Shanghai-based screen printing studio IdleBeats, who recently collaborated with the Parisian studio Frenchfourch in the first edition of an exhibition series called Tale of Two Cities at UNDEF/NE.

《悖论之手》是中国艺术家Nini Sum的《阴阳》丝网印刷系列中的新作品。Nini是上海丝网印刷工作室IdleBeats的创始人之一,他们最近在UNDEF/NE举办了“双城记”系列展览,该展览的第一期是与巴黎Frenchfourch工作室合作完成的。
Yin Yang is a new series of paired black and white images, that were inspired by ancient Taoist philosophy. In line with the other prints from this series, Hand Of Paradox examines the connection between natural forces and human power. The hands that are illustrated in the print can be seen as both palms and the backs of hands. The image is open to interpretation and is intended to inspire the viewer to find different meanings when viewing the artwork.



The artist asks us: do absolute extremes and polar opposites really exist? Can things in this world be described so simply as black and white, right and wrong, good and bad? The universe is endless with seemingly infinite possibilities – how much can we really control? And in which manner do we interact with the world? Do we go with its natural flow, or do we follow the rules set by man?

该艺术家 抛出一个问题:终极绝对和两极差异真实存在吗?这世上的东西真的能被如此简单地以黑白、对错或好坏区分吗?整个宇宙伴随着无穷持续的可能性,又有多少是我们所能控制的?我们又以怎样的方式与世界对话?我们只是顺其自然,还是受绊于规则?


Hand of Paradox can be purchased separately or as a pair of prints exclusively on the Neocha Shop. Each print was screen printed in two layers of silver and black – with special silver ink mixed in both layers, on 330gsm heavy acid free art paper, in a limited edition of 44.

你可以从Neocha网店独家购置限量44幅的《悖论之手》,可单幅或成对购买。每幅作品皆为银色和黑色双层丝网印刷而成, 且全部使用了特质银色墨水,纸张为330gsm无酸艺术纸

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<a href=”https://neochaedge.myshopify.com/cart/9166333765:1″ target=”_blank”>Buy Hand of Paradox No. 1 (悖论之手 一) by IdleBeats, limited edition of 44</a>

Nini Sum的《悖论之手》之一

立刻购买 ¥650

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Buy Hand of Paradox No. 2 (悖论之手 二) by IdleBeats, limited edition of 44

Nini Sum的《悖论之手》之二

立刻购买 ¥650

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Buy Special 2 Offer: Hand of Paradox No. 1 + No. 2 by Nini Sum

特别优惠 Nini Sum的《悖论之手》之一和之二

立刻购买 ¥1050




  • Edition size: 44
  • Screenprint size: 30 x 30cm
  • Number of colors: 2
  • Paper: Materica 330gsm Acid Free Paper
  • Price: $105 for single print without frame
  • Special offer: $185 for both prints without frames


  • 印刷数量: 44
  • 作品尺寸: 30 x 30cm
  • 颜色: 2
  • 纸张: 蒙特利卡330克无酸艺术纸
  • 价格: ¥650单幅无装裱作品
  • 特别优惠: ¥1050双幅整组无装裱作品



Contributor & Videographer: Leon Yan
Photographers: Leon Yan, Banny Wang



供稿视频摄影: Leon Yan
图片摄影: Leon Yan, Banny Wang

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